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White Paper - Is your EHR making you less efficient?

Is your EHR making you less efficient?

May 3, 2016

More and more physicians around the country are adopting EHR with the promise of improved patient safety, billing efficiency, and the accumulation of a clinical dataset that can support decision making within their organization – not to mention available federal

White Paper - How Health Plans can turn customer touchpoints into competitive advantage

How Health Plans Can Turn Customer Touch Points into Competitive Advantage

May 3, 2016

Every health plan must choose how to win the battle for membership and competitive advantage while reducing operational costs. To make this decision, the health plan’s business goals play a critical role in determining how to spend budgets effectively. For

What Happens when Goliath Buys David?

May 3, 2016

The structure and scope of the healthcare industry continues to change in response to the healthcare reform legislation and general market trends. One apparent result of these changes is that many healthcare organizations are finding new incentives to consolidate. As

Managing Total Medical Expense while Improving Health Outcomes

May 3, 2016

As our healthcare system evolves and payment reform grows, healthcare providers are increasingly pushed to deliver higher quality care and manage costs in order to curb the explosive growth in national health care expenditures seen in past decades. Arcadia Solutions leverages

White Paper: Mind the Data Quality Gap

Mind the Data Quality Gap

May 3, 2016

Improving the health of at-risk, vulnerable, and chronically sick populations remains a daunting challenge for the healthcare community. Management of complex populations requires comprehensive and quality data on patient health and demographics. However, the healthcare ecosystem does not have quality

High Performance Contract Measures

Contract Performance for High Value Measures

May 3, 2016

Arcadia’s unique approach to EHR data aggregation is our largest differentiator compared to other analytics and population health solutions. Arcadia connects directly to 98% of major EHRs in the country. The clinical quality improvement tool they have developed allows them

A Year of Utilization

A Year of Utilization

May 2, 2016

For an ACO managing nearly 30,000 patients, the quantity of data that builds up over a year is immense. This chart visualizes every visit for each of those patients over time. Every bubble represents an individual visit, with the size

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath?

May 2, 2016

In healthcare analytics, claims data are ubiquitous. They have been available for decades and are highly structured and standardized. Unfortunately, they are also relatively sparse, containing only a handful of procedure codes and diagnoses for each episode. EHR data, on

Managing Change & Disruption in Patient Population Management

Managing Change and Disruption in Patient Population Management

April 29, 2016

Under changing payment models, organizations looking to employ effective patient population management programs need more than the ability to react to past performance. In order to implement an effective population management program, health systems need: The capability to continuously improve

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