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We help life science companies unlock real-world data insights across the development and regulatory continuum through our actively growing EHR and payer data asset.

Arcadia supports biologic and medical device innovation by enabling access to the clinical insights needed to expedite advances for patients.

Arcadia Research Data helps life science companies to:

  • Characterize your patient populations
  • Identify treatment trends
  • Improve disease profiles
  • Expand your control groups
  • Understand treatment effects
  • Determine adverse events over time

Learn more about the difference we’re making in with some of our clients:


3 data quality questions you should be asking according to the FDA →

New FDA guidance highlights how crucial RWD supplier vetting processes that meet your data quality needs are — here’s three critical questions to ask.

White paper

What drives long-COVID? Understanding complex interactions with real-world data →

Exploratory data analysis using massive real world data can help us understand complex problems — like drivers of long-COVID.

Data visualization

What does your EHR look like?: visualizing the vastness and complexity of a typical EHR →

An individual’s electronic health record is so dense it can surpass Wikipedia in size. This chart shows the relationships between data tables within one EHR.


COVID-19 and new strategies for patient engagement →

Watch this discussion with healthcare leaders who adopted innovative approaches to patient engagement at the outset of the pandemic.

Case study

How a pediatric CIN used Arcadia Outreach to improve vaccination rates →

When parents and caregivers started deferring care due to COVID-19 fears, a large Pediatric CIN launched an innovative engagement campaign.

Data visualization

A closer look at the Evolution of Diabetes →

Our data visualization The Evolution of Diabetes shows the power of aggregated EHR data and predictive algorithms to identify at risk patients.

“Something we were pleased with was that once knew our business, we could implement their product. They were very focused on helping us build upon the product; we can expand services. Considering where the market is going nationally, people might want to consider They really do help us think strategically. They don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.”

– CEO/President, Jul 2019

Selected commentary collected about Arcadia Analytics, Population Health Management 2019.
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