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Healthcare analytics demos

Explore products and features included in the Arcadia Analytics platform. See how you can transform population health data into insights and better outcomes.

Arcadia Bindery

Simplify your report creation and distribution so your provider and payer teams can focus on higher value work.

Arcadia Care Manager

Reduce administrative burdens, automate patient identification, and streamline outreach.

Arcadia Desktop

Population health insight integration for your existing EHR using simplified workflows so your team can close risk and quality gaps.

Arcadia Patient Registry

Empower your analysts teams quickly build cohorts, stratify patients, and close more gaps.

Arcadia Quality Improvement

Empower your administrative and analytics teams with a better way to deliver insights to providers.

Arcadia Quality Tools for Payers

Dashboards to monitor and improve quality for your members: elevate STARS and HEDIS performance and improved outcomes.

Arcadia Risk Management Tools for Payers

Manage risk using data analytics to gain a clear view of your healthcare data, optimize future decisions, and outpace the competition.

Arcadia SDoH Package

Identify and stratify patients, connect them to the right care, and measure and monitor outcomes in the pursuit of equitable healthcare.

Arcadia Vista

Growing library of healthcare intelligence dashboards so you can zoom into granular details or get a snapshot of overall provider performance.