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Use Case Data Management

Data quality is crucial for transformative outcomes in healthcare

Healthcare data is a mix of standards in structured and unstructured formats. A large healthcare enterprise can have upwards of 2 billion health records from 1 million patients across 58 data sources, 3,909 data tables, and 27 different vendor systems. Arcadia aggregates this disparate data into a single source of truth.

The Challenge

Poor data quality leads to poor patient outcomes

Gartner estimates that poor data quality costs organizations an average of $12.8M a year. In healthcare, that’s more than an operating expense — it’s patient lives at stake.

The Solution

A quality data asset leads to better outcomes for all

A well-managed, accurate, and timely data asset can unlock many opportunities to help healthcare organizations maintain a competitive edge in their market. Trustworthy data means better outcomes for both healthcare organizations and their populations.

Advanced risk adjustment analytics close risk gaps with accurate, comprehensive data.
Featured Applications

Data quality applications

Aggregate and clean up data from disparate sources, while enabling faster implementation and improved awareness of connector configurations. Give your IT team more time to focus on high-value projects for your organization.

Arcadia Foundry

Healthcare Data Model

Healthcare data model built by analysts, for analysts

Customer Story

How data quality and data validation help large health systems improve care

Physician Health Partners explains how data quality and data validation processes are leading to faster, better care for patients.

Latest resources

Data quality resources for healthcare IT professionals


With Arcadia Analytics, we bring in a bunch of disparate data, and the vendor aggregates it and applies different layers of AI. They transform the data and present us with information we cannot get on our own. That is the vendor's bread and butter. Without the system, we could not aggregate data or infer some information.

Analyst/Coordinator, June 2023

Let’s improve data quality together

Get in touch to see how Arcadia can help you build a trustworthy data asset.

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