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Data Platform Arcadia Engage

Automate patient engagement with AI-powered care management tools

Arcadia Engage empowers care management teams with tools to identify care gaps and automate patient outreach — download product info.

The Challenge

You don’t have the resources to reach out to every patient

Population health and care management leaders have limited people resources. They need ways to scale their care management and population health programs. Patient outreach workflows are created ad hoc and regularly differ between organizations, sites, and teams. Bringing on new care managers takes resources, time, and adds additional complexity to an already complex system.

A combination of high- and low-touch care management programs are needed to support your patient engagement.

The Solution

Scale patient engagement with AI-enabled tools

Arcadia Engage uses AI-enabled audience segmentation algorithms and insights from Arcadia’s comprehensive, longitudinal patient data to efficiently target and automate patient communication. This enables organizations to scale care management, population health, and care gap closure programs.

Target and automate patient communication

Arcadia Engage uses AI-enabled audience segmentation algorithms and insights from Arcadia’s comprehensive, longitudinal patient data set to efficiently target and automate patient communication. AI-enabled segmentation and communications help care management teams scale their programs. Engage enables efficient targeting and automated patient communications, so organizations can engage patients in their health — without the high-touch involvement of a care manager.

Scale care management programs with simplified patient outreach

  • Connect your care managers with more patients, document patient communication, and expand care management programs
  • Identify any cohort of patients with AI and automated processes

Automated systems collect the data needed to drive quality improvement

  • Support larger quality and care improvement programs with communications that drive engagement and improve patient health
  • Use AI-driven algorithms and risk models to identify patient cohorts with care gaps

Enhance patient engagement with post-visit and SDoH data capture

  • Solicit social determinants of health (SDoH) and post-visit feedback to augment patient information through surveys delivered through email or text messaging
  • Drive improved patient engagement and revenue through more visits, more closed care gaps, and improved retention and attribution of members in VBC contracts

Use Cases

Enable your care management team to do more with AI-driven workflows

Request a demo to see Arcadia Engage in action.


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