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Use case Health Equity / SDoH

Health equity is necessary for the future of healthcare

Social determinants of health (SDoH) data are among the most critical tools a system can harness to manage risk, improve outcomes, and find financial success. Arcadia’s SDoH content unifies a single registry of patient-level insights, discretely categorized along 12+ distinct SDoH domains.

The Challenge

It isn’t easy to collect and utilize SDoH data

Organizations struggle to identify and stratify patients, connect people to the right care at the right time, and measure and monitor outcomes in the pursuit of equitable healthcare.

The Solution

Streamline health equity initiatives through technology

Drive health equity forward with a single-level SDoH registry that streamlines provider workflows and delivers population level insights to comply with federal programs and create more equitable care.

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Featured Applications

Health equity applications

Tap into the power of SDoH data to drive healthcare forward and create healthier, happier days for all. Empower your teams to improve health equity at the patient and population levels.

Arcadia Desktop

Point-of-Care Insights

Find health insights at the point of care using your existing EHR workflows

Arcadia Engage Plus

Patient Engagement

Automate patient engagement with AI-powered care management tools in our partnership with Artera

Arcadia Care Manager

Care Management

Reduce healthcare risk and cost with data-driven care management

Arcadia SDoH Package

Unified SDoH data

Improve health outcomes by streamlining the way you identify populations most in need of care

Latest Resources

Health equity resources for data-driven healthcare leaders

Let’s improve health equity together

Get in touch to see how Arcadia can help you transform your health equity programs.