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Use Case Patient Retention

Patient retention takes a village

Happy patients come back for care. When patients have strong relationships with primary care providers, costs go down and positive outcomes go up. Arcadia helps healthcare networks under traditional and alternative payment models strengthen their relationships with patients through data insights, automation, and augmented workflows.

The Challenge

Patients won’t come back if care needs aren’t met

Many networks struggle to capture information about patients visiting other providers for care, which prevent them from addressing issues and keeping patients in-network. Poor interoperability and engagement also limits patient understanding of care options within a given network.

The Solution

Workflows and tools that lead to happier, healthier lives

Healthcare organizations surface both in- and out-of-network costs and spending, utilizing this information to inform patient care strategies. AI / algorithms streamline workflows and identify patients who could benefit from outreach and patients who need high-touch, 1:1 care are identified and can enroll in programs to receive it.

Advanced risk adjustment analytics close risk gaps with accurate, comprehensive data.
Featured Applications

Patient retention applications

Give care teams super powers. Identify and close gaps at point of care, improve patient engagement, automate outreach, and reduce leakage across your network.

Arcadia Care Manager

Care Management

Reduce healthcare risk and cost with data-driven care management

Arcadia Engage Plus

Patient Outreach Integration

Automate patient engagement with AI-powered care management tools in our partnership with Artera

Arcadia Referrals

Referral management fueled by data insights

Data-driven physician referral management for healthcare organizations

Arcadia Vista

Analytics Dashboards

Business intelligence software built for healthcare organizations

Patient Registry

Patient Stratification

Quickly build cohorts, stratify patients, and close more gaps


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Latest Resources

Resources to improve patient retention

Let's improve patient retention

Get the tools you need to improve workflows, augment care management, and build better relationships with your patients.