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Arcadia’s EHR integration software provides new actionable opportunities to improve patient care.
Data Platform Arcadia Desktop

EHR integration software for new population health insights

Arcadia Desktop surfaces actionable opportunities to close risk and quality gaps at the point of care — download product info.

The Challenge

Healthcare providers need insights to take action at the point of care

The best time for providers to address quality or risk gaps is when they are treating the patient. However, providers’ view of their at-risk patients is often limited to care documented in their EHR. Without aggregated clinical and claims data easily accessible at the point of care, providers can miss opportunities to address quality of care issues, document a patient’s risk adjustment conditions, or help the patient adhere to their care plan.

It’s also expensive, time-consuming, and technically intensive to migrate all practices to a single EMR, and even then the EMR may be missing clinical and claims data from outside sources.

The Solution

Layer Arcadia’s population health insights into your EHR

Arcadia Desktop surfaces zero-click insights from Arcadia’s longitudinal patient data set within providers’ existing EHR workflows to improve risk and quality gap closure and care collaboration.

Arcadia's EHR integration software aggregates and curates the highest quality, most complete and up-to-date patient data foundation. Arcadia Desktop makes actionable insights from that data set available via a lightweight, EHR-agnostic overlay.

Augment your preferred EHR with Arcadia’s EHR integration software, Arcadia Desktop.

Use EHR integration software and influence providers to close risk and quality gaps at the point of care

  • Arcadia Desktop EHR integration uses simplified workflows for closing risk and quality gaps to streamline the process
  • Arcadia’s proprietary risk and quality analytics engines surface actionable opportunities for risk and quality gap closure

With Arcadia’s EHR integration software, providers can improve care continuity and collaboration

Improve care continuity and collaboration with EHR integration

  • Providers can get alerts from care managers — without leaving the system — and respond or react to a care plan
  • Arcadia Desktop uses a responsive version of Arcadia’s longitudinal patient chart that presents comprehensive data at a glance: risk and quality opportunities, care plans, utilization history, ADTs, medications, referrals, problems, and more

Configure Arcadia’s EHR integration software into your current EHR and enjoy comprehensive access controls and automatic updates.

Integrate with Arcadia’s EHR software to scale population health insights securely across a complex provider network

  • Arcadia Desktop layers into your existing EHR and is completely agnostic with a self-service installation that completes in as little as two weeks
  • Comprehensive access controls and automatic updates
  • Arcadia EHR Integration Desktop can be white-labeled or configured to meet your organization’s brand

From a positive standpoint, as a vendor, Arcadia has engaged with me, my team, and the stakeholders in a way that no other vendor that we have worked with has before. I understand the reason for that. The product is such a flexible, customizable tool. Arcadia is really working with everyone from our executive staff to the folks down in the trenches to understand what is important to us so that they can reflect that in the tool itself. We have had a number of workshops to understand the needs of the business, how we should expect to utilize tools like Arcadia’s products, and what is important from the standpoint of a departmental and job function area like care management or finance, for example. We also learned about just customizing the tool by starting with the vendor’s baseline things, which are already pretty robust, and then customizing them to be what we need them to be. Especially for organizations like ours, there is no good one-size-fits-all solution out there.

Director, August 2022
Use Cases

Engage your providers with population health insights

Request a demo to see Arcadia Desktop in action.

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