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Use Case Interoperability

Interoperability is core to delivering better patient care

In today's fragmented healthcare system, patients visit various providers that all manage health records differently. Data standards have improved interoperability, but still have a long way to go before delivering on the promise of whole-person care. Arcadia breaks down data silos and empowers clinical and operational teams to deliver better outcomes for patients and populations across the care continuum.

The Challenge

Data silos prevent care teams from delivering the best outcomes

There are 1100+ medical record products in the U.S. and an average hospital is dealing with 18+ EHRs. Often data is locked up in silos, and shaky data standards make it difficult to share information across platforms.

The Solution

A single source of truth enables a 360° view of patients and populations

Aggregate data onto one platform to give care teams a 360° view of patient histories, one place to enter clinical data, on-demand insights to inform treatment decisions, and better patient experiences.

Advanced risk adjustment analytics close risk gaps with accurate, comprehensive data.
Featured Applications

Interoperability resources for HealthIT professionals

Automate decision-making, patient outreach, and time consuming processes to enable your staff to focus on the work that matters most — caring for patients.

Arcadia Analytics

Healthcare Data Analytics Suite

Cloud-based healthcare data platform built for analytics

Arcadia Assess

Provider-Payer Collaboration

Simplify provider-payer collaboration for risk and quality gap closure

Arcadia Bindery for Providers

Healthcare Reporting for Providers

From provider reporting to efficient healthcare data analysis

Arcadia Bindery for Payers

Healthcare Reporting for Payers

Health plan and payer reporting delivered through secure email and web-based apps

Arcadia Care Manager

Care Management

Reduce healthcare risk and cost with data-driven care management

Arcadia Dekstop

Point-of-Care Insights

Find health insights at the point of care using your existing EHR workflows

Arcadia Foundry

Healthcare Data Model

Healthcare data model built by analysts, for analysts

Arcadia Vista

Analytics Dashboard

Business intelligence software built for healthcare organizations

Arcadia SDoH Package

Unified SDoH data

Improve health outcomes by streamlining the way you identify populations most in need of care


We didn’t start the FHIR — interoperability for whole-person care

Data on a single patient can flow from point A to point B. But what does it mean to achieve interoperability at a population level?

Latest Resources

Interoperability resources for HealthIT professionals


In terms of getting payer feeds into a usable, normalized data condition, interoperability is one of Arcadia Analytics' strengths.

CEO/President, April 2022

A better platform for interoperable healthcare

Put your data to work with Arcadia.