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Our Story

Dedicated to happier, healthier days for all

Healthcare should be the most data-driven industry in the world. Why? Because healthcare deals with the most precious thing on the planet: people. Arcadia brings a complex mesh of data sources into a single integrated data fabric for professionals around the world working to protect, extend, and save lives.

We’re threading together millions of diverse data points into a unifying fabric for human health, embedding actionable insight across the care continuum. This complete picture of patients and populations helps our customers make more strategic decisions in support of their financial, clinical, and operational objectives. Together, we’re working to deliver better care and create greater healthcare access while preventing illness, and curing disease.

We’re creating a world where everyone thrives.


The people behind the data

We’re a group of experienced value-based care, technology, and healthcare analytics experts laser-focused on how data and tools can help our customers answer their biggest questions.


Our latest thinking

We’re constantly challenging ourselves to learn and improve, and sharing our insights is one of our favorite ways to connect with customers. Tap into our perspectives on the complex challenges healthcare faces, listen to interviews with experts on the future of the industry, and stay up to date on Arcadia’s latest announcements and media coverage.

Customer Stories

Hear how Arcadia customers are harnessing data

Purpose-driven team. Life-changing impact.

Transforming healthcare analytics takes hard work — and the brightest talent. Explore our culture and job opportunities to see if Arcadia is your next career move.


We can always do a lot more with Arcadia Analytics, but even in the limited ways we are using it, we are getting tangible benefits. For example, we can target patients based on their quality of care and needs, and we blast out messages using the solution. That works pretty well and is a lot easier to do with Arcadia Analytics than any of our other systems. Also, when we consider the quality-of-care tools, resource consumption, reporting tools, and dashboards that are in the system, I would buy Arcadia's product over any other product. I have used several products, and they all have had glaring deficiencies, but Arcadia Analytics seems to do the most. For example, it can tell us where our care gaps are that we need to close, and none of the other products do that. Arcadia Analytics is the only solution that has a foot in the clinical outcomes world and the financial utilization world.

Director, April 2023