Burlington, MASS.  (January 11, 2019) – Population health management leader Arcadia.io announced their coverage in three major reports from highly-respected third-party analyst KLAS Research, Population Health Management 2018 Part 1 and Part 2 and Value Based Care Managed Services 2018. Arcadia scored highest among all full-service value-based care managed services vendors[3] and was the strongest fully-rated population health management vendor for financial outcome success.[4]

KLAS conducted extensive customer research to identify those population health management vendors that most contribute to patient and financial outcome success, noting that “not all PHM vendors have proven able to consistently contribute to customers’ goals.”[5]  However, KLAS reported that “when it comes to achieving their PHM financial goals, Arcadia customers are consistently more successful than many other customer bases.”[6]

“Arcadia has always believed that three things are key to driving success in value based care,” said Arcadia chief executive officer Sean Carroll.  “First, healthcare organizations need a strong understanding of their data assets.  Second, they need to get data and insights to people when and where they are needed – even breaking into the exam room to push critical information to the physician at the point of care.  And third, they need a strong organizational backbone to support critical administrative activities.”

“We think our ability to partner with healthcare organizations taking on risk is unique within the market,” continued Carroll, “and we’re excited to have had KLAS evaluate our strengths of our software and value based services in comparative benchmarking, strategic guidance, and delivering financial outcome success.”

“Arcadia’s unique functionality and recent development have led to growth,” reported KLAS, “and their customer base is vocal in expressing the value that Arcadia brings to the table.”[7]

Arcadia drives financial outcome success

Figure 1: Financial Outcome Success, fully-rated vendors and vendors with limited data.  Data from Figure 1 on Page 4 of Population Health Management 2018, Part 2.

KLAS: “Arcadia Leads with Outcomes-Producing, Analytics-Driven Insights”[8]

In Value Based Care Managed Services, 2018 KLAS reported that, “Arcadia has continued to improve in performance and leads full-service firms. Several respondents call the firm a true partner and praise their data-aggregation and -integration expertise and tools.”[9]  Additionally, KLAS found that “among all measured firms, Arcadia shows the most consistency across their customer base. Clients appreciate the firm’s strong data analytics and their track record of delivering on promises.”[10]

Arcadia is the market leader for value based care services

Figure 2: Value Based Care Managed Services Overall Performance Trend, 2015-2018, fully rated and limited data full-service vendors.  Data from Figure 3 on Page 5 of Value Based Care Managed Services, 2018.

Arcadia Goes Beyond Partnering to Deliver Crucial Strategic Guidance

KLAS found that, “provider organizations have realized that to be successful with value-based care, they need their vendor to go beyond being a great partner to providing additional guidance and expertise in four key areas: strategy, product optimization, ongoing benchmarking/performance assessment, and VBR contract assessment.”[11]  Arcadia scored the highest among fully-rated vendors for its ability to provide strategic guidance to healthcare organizations using its platform Arcadia Analytics.

KLAS spoke with one healthcare CEO who said “Arcadia has been a part of our strategic plan discussions, and they have guided us. Sometimes, organizations go about building strategic plans, and then they forget about the data. From that perspective, Arcadia has helped us find what we are looking for as we have set objectives. We have come out of those discussions with a clear understanding of what the system can do. In that respect, Arcadia has been really helpful.”[12]

Patient Outcomes: Breaking into the Exam Room

Strong population-level analytics are critical to developing an effective value based care strategy. A key part of executing that strategy means an organization needs to influence providers working with individual patients – by providing trusted, actionable insights at the point of care.

KLAS says that, “providing physicians with highly accurate PHM data is essential to ensuring that they have high confidence in the PHM tool, leverage it fully, and use the data to positively impact patient outcomes.  To this end, Arcadia provides strong guidance to help customers make sure the tools produce reliable data.”[13]

Arcadia’s proprietary process and technology for clinical data integration ensures high quality data through the use of machine learning, built on the largest clinical training dictionary leveraging a decade of experience, and data from 1000s of disparate EHRs and 50M patient records. This ensures that physicians trust and use data from the Arcadia Analytics enterprise clinical data asset.   To reduce provider abrasion, in addition to the user-centered design of its core web portal, Arcadia Analytics offers a contextual, interface-free, EHR-aware application that presents a provider with population health insights when the patient’s record is opened in the EHR without the provider ever having to change applications or deal with additional logins.

“When people walk into the clinics, they are often seeking acute care, not preventive care. We can pull up a holistic view of the patients and. . . really pinpoint what needs to get done. We have had some instances in which a patient said everything was fine, and the doctor, looking in Arcadia Analytics, noticed that the patient had a cardiac procedure done recently and didn’t have any follow-up tests,” one financial executive told KLAS.  “Without Arcadia Analytics, that information would never be known.”[14]

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About Arcadia

Arcadia.io (www.arcadia.io) is a population health management company, specializing in data aggregation, analytics, and workflow software for value-based care. Our customers achieve financial success in their risk-sharing contracts through Arcadia’s focus on creating the highest quality data asset, pushing expertly derived insights to the point of care, and supporting administrative staff with data when and where they need it with applications including care management and referral management. Arcadia has off-the-shelf integration technology for more than 40 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors, powered by machine learning that combs through variations in over 50 million longitudinal patient records across clinical, claims and operational data sources.  Arcadia software and outsourced ACO services are trusted by some of the largest risk-bearing health systems and health plans in the country to improve the bottom line. Founded in 2002, Arcadia is headquartered outside Boston in Burlington, MA, with offices in Seattle, Pittsburgh, and outside Chicago in Rockford, IL.


Media Contacts:

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