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Current fee-for-service payment models are increasingly expensive, inefficient, and are widely believed to be unsustainable in our rapidly changing industry. As we shift to capitated payment models and population health based delivery, substantial transformation efforts in the short-term are inevitable. For years, health care organizations have been working to transform to population health and medical home based delivery with limited success. The Patient Centered Health Home (PCHH) model is often perceived as the gold standard, or the future, of primary care delivery.

PCHH is not simply a place— rather it is a delivery model which focuses on providing team-based, comprehensive primary care that coordinates a patient’s care between physicians and care teams and allows care team members to work at the top of their licenses. The primary objective of PCHH is to improve quality while reducing the cost of care for a population of patients in a measurable and sustainable manner.

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May 3, 2016