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Arcadia Analytics helps you achieve better and more sustainable financial outcomes by applying expertly derived insights to reduce total medical expense and out-of-network utilization, improve risk adjustment accuracy and improve quality scores.

Improve patient outcomes for success in healthcare and value-based care

Our key focus areas:


Medical Expense

9.6% Reduction of TCC resulting in $23.5M in MSSP bonuses

$11M in retained earnings by reducing TCC by 11% in commercial downside risk


Risk Adjustment

3% increase in HCC Scores for Nextgen ACO

81% In-visit diagnosis capture in risk-adjusted Medicaid population


Quality Improvement

1.5% Reduction in all cause readmits across 40K Medicare risk members

Achieved 99.6% quality performance under MSSP

Arcadia Care Manager

Our Care Management platform combines the most comprehensive patient view with actionable insights into user-centered workflows for outreach, documentation, tasking, and care coordination. Our ground-breaking workflow automation engine deploys highly tailored programs at massive scale.

  • A comprehensive longitudinal care record
  • Powerful tasking, scheduling and collaboration tools
  • Native integration with 1000s of care protocols, patient education materials, goals, and interventions
  • Automate pathways and tasking based on 100s of clinical and administrative factors
  • Predictive risk models identify the most impactful cases and patients with rising risk
  • Push care plans, notes, and tasks directly into physician workflows

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Arcadia Care Manager

Arcadia Desktop: Point of Care Insights

Arcadia Desktop: Point of Care Insights

Bring insights onto ground-level for seamless, no-click integration with physician and care team workflows. Surface tailored insights and actions for rapid improvement.

  • Match patient detail to Arcadia’s Master Patient Index, presenting integrated clinical and claims data
  • Support on-screen actions to immediately close risk gaps and submit quality data
  • Comprehensive utilization history, medication list, and problem lists drive true continuity of care
  • Workflow and care management actions interact with extended care teams for complex patients

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Pre-Visit Planning Reports

Capture quality and risk gaps, utilization, medications, and other relevant data with appointments on a given date.

  • Integrate with scheduling data via practice management platforms
  • Support medical assistants with pre-visit planning, showing key patient context to holistically address needs
  • Highlight quality gaps for closure based on patient contract
  • Details on suspected risk coding gaps for comprehensive coding
  • Utilization history and medication summaries beyond the EHR provide teams with a fuller patient picture
Arcadia Pre-Visit Planning

Arcadia Registry

Arcadia Registry: Patient Registry Builder

Build patient groups using the Impact Score and numerous dimensions across Arcadia’s suite of analytics and all aggregated data.

  • Unified patient registry across 85 condition categories
  • Track patient risk and find documentation gaps
  • High cost and high risk prioritization
  • Dozens of decision support rules and alerts
  • Integration with scheduling data for relevant pre-visit planning reports
  • Customize and share lists with all care team members

Arcadia Engage: Patient Outreach

Outreach at enterprise scale. Care managers and quality leads use Arcadia Engage to trigger bulk outreach to 1000s of patients for routine reminders or to schedule an overdue office visit.

  • Trigger bulk outreach via emails, text messages, or automated phone calls
  • Customizable templates include multiple languages, dialects, and dynamic parameters
  • Captures performance data and suggests improvements

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Arcadia Engage - Patient Outreach

Arcadia - Physician Referral Management

Arcadia Referrals: Physician Referral Management

Inject insights into the referral workflow to submit requests and appropriately direct referrals from PCPs to specialists through a referral triage process. A web-based referral entry and queue management “nudges” volume to preferred providers with less travel time and lower costs. With more data across the care continuum than anyone else, Arcadia is uniquely suited to support decisions in patient volume routing based on cost, efficiency and quality.

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EHR integration: HCC risk suspecting

Flexible integration options meet healthcare provider organizations where they are. The HCC risk suspecting integration surfaces suspected, historical, and persistent documented conditions sourced from the Arcadia platform within existing EHR workflows.

  • Increase provider satisfaction and decrease burnout
  • Capture disease burden and impact outcomes at scale
  • Complement your EHR investment

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“Once the system is set up correctly and data is flowing, groups and hospitals are really able to work to close their gaps and reach more patients who have specific gaps.”

– Manager, Jul 2019

Selected commentary collected about Arcadia Analytics, Population Health Management 2019.
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