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Aggregate Population Health Data

Our market-leading population health management platform, Arcadia Analytics, enables success in healthcare and value-based care. We have developed innovative technologies and methods to aggregate and curate enterprise healthcare data assets for our customers.

Build an enterprise healthcare data asset

We solve the difficult problems inherent in creating reliable assets that ensure success. Our goal is to produce actionable insights in real-time and our two decades of experience embodies an unique ability to aggregate rich, useful data with great skill and accuracy.

We extract data directly from an EHR’s data store and combine it at the patient level with adjudicated claims data and other valuable data sources. The result is a continually updated data asset that powers success in healthcare organizations and value-based care.

Arcadia Big Data Platform

The Arcadia Analytics Population Health Platform is best-in-class big data. Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and powerful. The result is more data, more complex interfaces, more parallel data sources more quickly than any other platform. Massive healthcare data, managed.

  • Flexible platform for containerized, data-intensive applications
  • Production-proven — reliable, automated, secure and cost-effective
  • Best-in-class technology leveraged by leaders such as Twitter, eBay, Airbnb, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, Uber, Yelp, and others

Arcadia Data Connect

Arcadia Data Connect

Data is extracted from EHRs and large, disparate datasets are processed in near real-time thanks to Arcadia Data Connect. Decades of EHR and Claims data experience make this connection precise.

  • Vendor-agnostic, configurable data connectors for more than 50 EHRs plus claims systems and ADT feeds
  • Ingestion, validation, normalization, and integration of clinical and claims data, ADTs, social determinants of health, pharmacy data and more into a unified enterprise data asset
  • Automated data quality monitoring detects anomalies in volume or quality and alerts our support team
  • Stored in an open, analytics-focused web platform that drives reports, dashboards, applications, and ad-hoc exploration by analysts or 3rd-party tools

Arcadia Master Patient Index

Arcadia’s proprietary MPI matches patients and members across disparate data sources for a fully longitudinal patient view.

  • Supports multiple disparate clinical EHR and claims-based data sources
  • Tuned on a per-install basis
  • Patient data is processed against over 30,000+ terminology mappings to understand both structured fields and unstructured content, like assessment notes

Arcadia Data Warehouse

Once data is harmonized and scrubbed, it is staged in our proprietary data model — HIPAA-compliant, AWS-hosted, cloud-based data warehouse.

  • Store rich claims and clinical datasets in a simplified model that can be easily accessed and queried
  • Claims & clinical data with a simplified, analytics-focused data structure
  • Direct, database-level access for ad-hoc analytics and integrations with popular BI tools

Arcadia Calculation Engine

Quickly build and modify logic, deploy multiple risk algorithms, and process millions of patients in a matter of seconds.

  • Generates both standard and custom quality measures, risk gaps, care impact scores, and cost and utilization metrics across the entire patient population
  • Drives Arcadia web analytics reports, dashboards, and applications,
  • Hundreds of measures — ACO, MU, PCMH, CQM, HEDIS®, STARS, MIPS
  • Risk Models — HCC, CDPS, Johns Hopkins ACG, and Arcadia Impact Score

“Arcadia is a real partner when it comes to data. We are integrating a ton of payer claims, lab results, clinical data, and thousands of providers. We have a whole team of data analysts that are working in the Arcadia product every day. We work really closely with the folks over at Arcadia who know our data probably as well as we do.”

– Manager, Nov 2019

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