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Aggregate 2024

Data Workshop Day

Tuesday, October 15

Whether you're a data operator aiming to streamline processes or a tech enthusiast eager to understand cutting-edge analytics, this workshop (formerly known as Intensive Training) will equip you with insights and skills to maximize your use of the Arcadia platform. Here’s a preview of the sessions.

Topic Description
Workshop: Using GenAI to accelerate the creation of data management tools See demonstrations and examples of how Arcadia team members have been using ChatGPT to accelerate the creation of internal tools to automate tasks or provide data management insights.
Training: Vista Push Learn how to use Vista Push to create PDF scorecards and report books, create split runs, and distribute over email. (Newly released capabilities formerly known as Bindery).
Training: Network Modeler Explore Arcadia’s new Network Modeler application, powered by CareJourney, that allows users to build high performing networks of PCPs, specialists, and facilities using a large third-party data set.
Training: Data Flow in Arcadia’s Lakehouse and Foundry v2 Learn how data processes, flows, and updates across all Arcadia’s platform and modules 
Technical Roadmap Review: New streaming engines for Risk and Med Econ Preview the coming transition from batch jobs to real-time streaming updates to Arcadia’s risk and medical economics analytics engines.
Round Table: Maintaining Provider Hierarchies Discuss opportunities, challenges, and best practices associated with maintaining a provider hierarchy, including when to use the standard vs the expanded option.
Round table: Using CMS APIs for daily CCLF data An exploration of how daily CCLF data can be used in quality measures and risk adjustment, including a discussion on when, if ever, it should be used in cost and utilization reporting in Arcadia.
Round table: Bidirectional data flow between Arcadia and Epic Discuss current integration approaches, what's working, what's not working, and what needs remain unmet.
Training: New Risk Content in Foundry v2 Learn how to take advantage of a suite of new risk analytics content in Foundry v2.
Training: Enhanced Benchmarks Explore Arcadia’s new Enhanced Benchmarks in Vista and Foundry, allowing organizations to compare themselves against a larger set of Arcadia benchmarks.
Training: Console Upload Hub See a step by step walk through of how to submit MPI Overrides, Provider Hierarchies, and more directly through the Arcadia Console UI, and discuss how this tool fits into a best practice approach to ongoing data hygiene management across MPI, Term Mapping, Configuration Reviews, and Provider Hierarchy.
Workshop: Building Vista Data Ops Dashboards Attendees will have a Vista authoring license created for the day in order to spend time side by side with Arcadia data leaders building out dashboard proof-of-concepts using operational data like DQA output, job status, and connector status.