Tools you can use to move from outreach to patient engagement

It’s one thing to bombard patients with messaging — it’s another to create an outreach system that engages the communities you serve.  

Arcadia has teamed up with WELL Health to combine our 2022 Best in KLAS award-winning skillsets, uniting powerful data analytics and customizable communication tools for proven success. This partnership lets you skip trial-and-error inefficiency and move straight toward what works — data-backed, scalable campaigns that reach demographics small and large, specialized or general.

Customizable messaging that yields engagement

Some healthcare systems use a “one size fits all” approach that actually fits… very few. Engage Plus is about meeting patients where they are, encouraging healthier lives through thoughtful, tailored communication.  

A critical component of Engage Plus is its scalability. Arcadia’s AI and automated processes help you narrow the field to a particular cohort, be it at-risk diabetics or patients overdue for an annual exam. From there, you can leverage WELL Health’s communication platform to create multi-lingual, well-phrased messaging.

Designing outreach specifically for a given patient group — whether it’s using the right language or finding the right words — means more engagement, and through WELL, you can explore mediums like two-way text or one-to-many campaigns. 

Engage Plus allows scaling of patient outreach with self-service tools to improve patient engagement

Engage Plus’s two-way communication capabilities means your messaging doesn’t get lost in the void. Patients get a voice in the conversation, and you form a stronger relationship with the populations you serve.

Enhance patient engagement with two-way text

Don’t let patients get lost in the algorithm

Engage Plus surfaces data analytics insights for actionable steps, so you can find and reach the people in need of care. Quick, conversational interactions can be the difference between lapses in care and healthier, happier lives for all — start the conversation to learn more.