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Resources Guide

Build vs. buy: Data analytics decision-making guide

In the face of a complicated decision, it’s easy to wish for a map. If you’re staring down all the possibilities of building vs. buying a data analytics solution — you’re in luck.

This shareable, downloadable decision-making guide helps you sort through the confusion around build vs. buy, whether it’s in-house staffing costs or time-to-value. Download this resource and share it with your organization’s power players, so you can begin the journey towards data-driven insights and optimized outcomes.

Solve the build vs. buy conundrum before your coffee gets cold

Use this tool to find the solution that best fits your organization’s needs. When it comes to data analytics, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. This graphic is the launchpad for conversations around:

  • Adaptability around regulatory and industry changes (will your solution pivot quickly?)
  • Unexpected costs and predicted maintenance
  • Infrastructure like servers, staffing, and internal resourcing
  • Reputation and a track-record of proven performance

And more. Dive in for yourself at the link above, or reach out to an Arcadia representative directly to work through the possibilities that might fit your healthcare goals.

Get the guide