Tools you can use to move from outreach to patient engagement

It’s one thing to bombard patients with messaging — it’s another to create an outreach system that engages the communities you serve.

Arcadia and Artera have partnered to offer Arcadia Engage Plus, a solution that allows Arcadia customers to load AI-enabled patient cohorts into the Artera campaigns tool. Engage Plus is the product of two 2022 Best in KLAS winners with healthier lives at the heart of their missions, and the result is data-informed outreach with effective, engaging messaging. Engage Plus goes beyond bulk outreach to help craft scalable, agile campaigns to reach targeted populations.

Customizable messaging that yields engagement

By communicating to patients through Artera, you can increase patient engagement through two-way text, as well as build your own one-to-many outreach campaigns with just a few clicks.

Engage Plus utilizes AI-enabled audience segmentation algorithms and insights from Arcadia’s comprehensive, longitudinal patient dataset to efficiently target and automate patient communication. Engage Plus enables efficient targeting and automated patient communications, so organizations can more effectively engage patients in their health.

Arcadia unearths the most pertinent patient insights, and Artera offers multilingual, tailored messaging that lands.

Artera powers automated bidirectional text

Scale patient outreach with self-service tools

  • Identify any cohort of patients with AI and automated processes
  • Equip members of your team to set up and manage targeted campaigns within minutes

Enhance patient engagement with two-way text

  • For patients, it’s as easy as responding to a text from a friend
  • Increase satisfaction with quick, conversational interactions
  • Use automation and quick responses to instantly respond to patients and reduce time spent on the phone

The Arcadia and Artera Partnership

Artera is 100% focused on patient communications and was designated Best in KLAS for patient outreach in 2021 and 2022. Highlighted features such as two-way text, smartphrases, and inbound automations help drive an uplift in engagement rates by enabling personalized patient communication at scale.

By integrating Arcadia’s high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date patient cohorts into Artera, care managers have the tools to reach out with the right message at the right time. In doing so, our customers can continue to succeed in value-based care contracts and drive better patient outcomes. Start the conversation to learn more.