Reporting across health plan networks is difficult

Health plans must manage and engage a large and diverse set of stakeholders to control costs and improve the quality of care through reports. Building reports and scorecards and distributing them across large networks of providers and employer groups creates a tremendous burden on data analysts. Without easily accessible and actionable insights on reporting creation and distribution, stakeholder engagement can suffer.

Easy-to-use reporting frees data analysts to focus on higher value work

Arcadia Bindery simplifies the creation and distribution of highly personalized and contract-specific reports to providers, employer groups, and more — at scale. Data analysts can build, publish, and securely distribute prescriptive analytic reports and scorecards tailored to the reader with just a few clicks. Arcadia Bindery enables you to:

Distribute insights at scale through secure and web-based reporting

Engage providers in performance by providing insights

Reinforce your value to employer groups

Make an impact with your health plan stakeholders

Easily distribute insights — at scale — to diverse stakeholders through:

  • Shared data analytics model across Arcadia applications to accelerate report design
  • Template gallery of reports and scorecards built by Arcadia’s data scientists in partnership with leaders in value-based care that help you generate reports faster
  • Securely distribute thousands of health plan reports to stakeholders with minimal clicks
  • Provide nuanced performance details across individual products, providers, and more
Arcadia Bindery allows insight distribution at scale, shared analytics model, and template gallery of reports

Spur your team to action with meaningful insights

Engage providers and reinforce your value to employer groups with:

  • Customization that reinforces your brand and advertises services with beautifully designed health plan reports
  • Concise reports tailored to the reader that spurs action where it is needed most
  • Multimodal documents — printable PDFs and interactive web-based versions — delivered securely via email
  • Interactive reports provide readers with easy-to-use method to drill-down into without hunting for data
Arcadia Bindery reinforces your brand and services spurring action with secure interactive multimodal reports

Deliver health plan reports for diverse stakeholders

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