Healthcare data can be a tangled mess

Even in the most sophisticated healthcare organizations, healthcare data can be a tangled mess. Data analysts and scientists have to write elaborate queries across disparate, unstable, and untrustworthy databases. Healthcare organizations lack a consistent and trusted data foundation to maximize their investment in analytics.

There’s a better way.

Organize your healthcare data in a simplified schema

Arcadia Foundry is a healthcare data model — built by healthcare analysts, for healthcare analysts — to help answer complex questions faster, more consistently, and more accurately. Built originally for value-based care frameworks, Foundry helps all organizations empower their analysts to create deep insights.

Quality, risk, financials, clinical, and contracts data are presented in a simplified schema and can be visualized and analyzed in the business intelligence (BI) or statistical tool of your choice. Customers can unify Arcadia’s polished and enriched data asset with their own data so analysts can build the exact reports needed for the challenges facing their business.

Ensure consistent and accurate reporting across the organization

Reduce duplicative work for analysts and enable them to focus on high-value tasks

Simplify onboarding and esoteric system learning — scale your analytics teams

About the healthcare database

Arcadia Foundry uses a hosted database to house all the data needed to succeed in the industry, built around transparency, simple interoperability, and a spirit of BYO tools and BYO data. We also use a dedicated reporting server isolated from other production applications, and a sandbox to blend all kinds of exogenous data along with your Arcadia warehouse.

Dedicated reporting server

  • Arcadia reporting model: Elegant wide-table schema for rapid reporting and analytics
  • Arcadia data details: Richer data, including clinical and claims models, running closer to the source
  • Sandbox database: An empty, scalable sandbox database to upload your own data and procedures

Your preferred third-party apps (business intel, query/ERL, data science) transfer ODBC via encrypted VPN.

Dedicated reporting server offering rapid reporting and analytics with sandbox database for your own data and procedures pairing with your third-party apps

About the healthcare data model

Elegant and powerful, Arcadia Foundry simplifies healthcare data into a handful of core objects, and intuitively named/keyed data spokes branching off. Foundry is comprehensive in its coverage but intuitive for Day 1 value and built and maintained by the analysts that use it every day.

Visualization of Arcadia Foundry, the data model for value-based care, field mappings

Simplify your database and empower your analysts

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