Healthcare database optimization is complex

Duplicate patient records can make healthcare database optimization tough to untangle. New fields are created at-will that introduce inconsistencies and prevent interoperability. The stored data is dirty — inaccurate, incomplete, or simply formatted incorrectly. These databases are bursting with information waiting to be pieced together to form a meaningful whole.

That’s where Arcadia’s Customer Insights team thrives.

Arcadia’s Customer Insights team speeds healthcare database optimization

Arcadia’s decades of healthcare analytics experience means we can help you bridge the gap from data retrieval to implementation, maximizing your organization’s efficiency and care. Wielding unparalleled expertise of data analytics and healthcare, we’ve helped systems of every size navigate the optimization journey from fee-for-service to value-based care. Through close collaboration, we identify the pain points and opportunities for sustainable growth, so you can take on risk with a fuller picture.

Capitalize on industry-specific expertise in healthcare databases

  • Arcadia’s Customer Insights team pairs vast analytics knowledge with insight specific to healthcare, fee-for-service and value-based care
  • Our battle-tested strategies win clients proven results — from large, established networks to groups transitioning into value-based care

Years of expertise to support your system’s needs

  • Biweekly meetings with Customer Insights means constant communication, refining and solving your greatest challenges in real-time
  • Access our specialized knowledge immediately, without the lag of a learning curve
  • Forgo the burden of standing up a full business unit; our Customer Insights team is a plug-and-play analytics department to augment your in-house resources

Navigate the journey from data collection to implementation

  • Every use case is customized — your organization’s specific use case drives our analysis plan
  • Our team works directly with your organization to combine your population-specific expertise with our healthcare and data experts, industry-leading Arcadia Analytics, and our cross-customer data asset
  • We develop combined analysis and reporting that drives results above and beyond what either could accomplish independently
Arcadia's Customer Insights team helps organizations with healthcare database optimization to improve efficiency and care

Case Study: Summit Health’s database optimization

Was Summit Health’s system for preparing charts closing patient risk? Working together, Summit leaders and Arcadians wanted to know whether pre-visit chart prep was warranted. We dug deep and crunched the numbers to give a definitive answer. Comparing PCPs within and outside the network, Summit’s primary care practitioners saw broad increases in risk closure when a chart prep system was utilized. Using this information, Summit could drive enhanced risk management across the network — bringing down costs and improving patient outcomes.

See how we helped Summit Health with transitional care management as well.

Risk becomes reward when you have healthcare database optimization experts on your team

Partnering with Arcadia ensures a smooth optimization journey, with data-backed decisions and real, human support every step of the way. The Customer Insights team harnesses the power of our platform to propel your organization past its next milestone, whether that’s stepping into risk or broadening your network’s offerings. Collaboration is an essential part of our process, and innovation happens when we put data to work with your needs in mind.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help.