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5 ways to optimize care management programs with technology and data

Care Management The Source

Care management is the backbone of success in healthcare. However, most care management teams face increasing caseloads and barriers to tracking outcomes. Why? Inconsistent and inaccurate data. Without the right tools, patient outcomes are diminished, and cost of care and readmissions increase.

It’s possible to augment decision-making and automate time-consuming tasks for care management. Watch this episode to see how.

What you'll learn:

  1. How to eliminate manual processes and streamline care management
  2. How to improve care coordination and collaboration through benchmarking and stratification
  3. How to minimize high-cost, high-risk cohorts through automated workflows
  4. How to scale clinically relevant programs by facilitating patient engagement and self-management

Featured speakers:

Account Executive, Arcadia
Senior Product Manager, Arcadia
Clinical Solution Engineer, Arcadia