Your data analyst team spends hours assembling reports that bury the meaningful data

Too often, your analyst team spends hours assembling data and distributing it to stakeholders. The data insights that matter most for busy executives and providers are buried in cumbersome reports and reporting tools. As a result, engagement and performance can suffer as the data isn’t available without painstaking hours deciphering the analysis.

Arcadia Bindery offers report creation displaying data insights for providers

Elevate meaningful insights with easy report creation and simple distribution

Arcadia Bindery empowers data analysts to create compelling, personalized reports using beautiful and insightful visualizations to highlight performance and opportunities for improvement. These reports are easily distributed to the right audiences of readers — both executives and directors responsible for steering the enterprise and physicians delivering care throughout the network.

Distribute insights at scale through secure email and web-based reporting

Maximize data analyst productivity through easy creation and distribution of reports

Distribute notifications and meaningful performance indicators to providers

Reduce analyst time spent creating and sending reports and scorecards

  • A shared data analytics model across Arcadia applications to ensure consistency and accelerate report design
  • Template gallery of reports and scorecards built by Arcadia’s data scientists in partnership with leaders in value-based care
  • Configurability allows for individual copies to be created for each provider, risk contract, line of business, and more
  • Seamless data refreshes allow for a running history of performance
  • Secure, automated delivery of insights through the application
Arcadia Bindery dashboard displaying data insights for providers

Improve provider adoption, engagement, and performance

  • Analytic content designed purposely for all frameworks reporting, including value-based care and contract management
  • Reinforce your brand and organizational goals with powerful data visualizations
  • Concise reports tailored to the reader spur action for all frameworks — all the way at the edges of your network
  • Printable PDFs and interactive web-based multimodal documents delivered securely via email
  • Interactivity provides readers with easy drill-downs without hunting for data
Arcadia Bindary offers providers the ability to create custom reports based on data insights

Engage your stakeholders with meaningful reports

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