Burlington, Mass. (Oct. 28, 2020) — Arcadia (arcadia.io), the leader in population health management technology, announces the general availability of Arcadia Vista, a new web-based enterprise business intelligence product designed specifically for value-based care leaders and analysts. With content built in partnership with some of the most innovative and successful risk-bearing healthcare organizations in the country, Arcadia Vista provides an ever-expanding library of self-service dashboards so healthcare organizations can quickly uncover and distribute deep insights into enterprise-wide performance.

“Success in value-based care requires a holistic — but deep and highly detailed — understanding of performance across a complex enterprise,” said Arcadia chief product officer Nick Stepro. “Healthcare leaders are data-driven, but it can be really challenging for them to access the insights they need to understand where to shore up performance and how to invest to stay ahead of change. Arcadia Analytics customers are already harnessing the power of our platform to outperform their peers. Now we’re making it even easier for them to unearth and share actionable insights from massive data sets.

Arcadia Vista: the newest part of the Arcadia Insights Suite for healthcare intelligence

Arcadia’s powerful analytics engine was purpose-built to help value-based care organizations improve performance, with three Insights Suite applications that help them identify and share actionable opportunities: Foundry, Bindery, and now Vista. Foundry offers highly technical data analysts direct access to Arcadia’s analytical model and data. Bindery elegantly publishes personalized performance insights to physicians across a network through an enterprise-scale secure distribution mechanism. And now, Vista offers best-practice, interactive visualizations specifically created to make the critical data needed for value-based care more accessible.

Value-based organizations constantly have new analytics demands, which can be supported through Vista’s growing dashboard library in domains ranging from orthopedic surgical episodes to social determinants of health to network integrity. Vista was developed with AWS and incorporates the AWS QuickSight platform to support fast, interactive dashboards that allow healthcare leaders and analysts to easily manipulate data through an intuitive visual interface. Analysts can collaborate on dashboards with Arcadia data scientists and a network of other Arcadia customers.

Intermountain’s Castell uses Arcadia Vista to support polypharmacy program

Castell is the new healthcare platform company from Intermountain Healthcare focused on elevating value-based capabilities for providers, payers, healthcare systems, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Castell used Arcadia Analytics to build a highly-scalable analytics capability across more than 800,000 lives managed under risk, more than 1,600 providers, and hundreds of clinics. The analysts at Castell were early adopters of Arcadia Vista, using it to build polypharmacy dashboards in support of a pharmacy strategy for patients with multiple expensive drugs.

“We had selected Arcadia as a key healthcare technology partner because of Arcadia’s deep capabilities in building workflow tools which leverage huge volumes of data,” said Castell chief analytics officer Andrew Sorenson. “Arcadia Vista is another example of how Arcadia is extending these capabilities by layering on complex data science models that allows Castell to get more value from our analytics platform and team.”

Webinar replay with Arcadia, AWS, and Castell

Arcadia and Castell shared more about Castell’s experience using Arcadia Vista.

About Arcadia

Arcadia (arcadia.io) is the only healthcare data and software company dedicated to healthcare organizations achieving financial success in value-based care. We work with health systems, providers, payers, and life science companies positioning themselves to win in value-based care, including some of the largest, most complex, and influential health systems and health plans in the country.

Our purpose-built, population health management platform enables our customers to consistently overperform industry average outcomes by reducing medical expenses, improving risk coding accuracy, and improving quality and patient health outcomes. Our software continuously aggregates and curates the highest quality, most complete and up-to-date data foundation, provides relevant, timely and predictive analytics, and enables action through care management tools and in-workflow insights that present at the point of care.

Arcadia has off-the-shelf integration technology for more than 50 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors, powered by machine learning that combs through variations in over 107 million longitudinal patient records across clinical, claims, social determinants of health, and operational data sources.

Founded in 2002, Arcadia is headquartered outside Boston in Burlington, MA, with offices in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Rockford, IL. Arcadia has been recognized as a leading vendor by industry analysts including Chilmark, Gartner, IDC, and KLAS. We were awarded Best in KLAS for Value-Based Care Managed Services in 2019 and 2020.