Care management is an important component of population health management, but healthcare organizations sometimes struggle to assess the impact and maximize the value of a given program. Poor measurement strategies can result in organizations cutting their care management programs too early, before they have a chance to show results. Poor measurement can also cause a misalignment between the resources being invested and the organization’s ultimate population health goals.

To effectively measure the impact and value of your care management program, think about it as having 5 distinct phases:

  1. Planning: initial scoping and sizing exercising along with all the planning activities required for program launch.
  2. Program launch: program is getting off the ground and starting to enroll patients.
  3. Operational stability: program is operating smoothly, as evidenced by stabilized process measures. However, it is too soon to measure outcomes.
  4. Mature program: program has been in place long enough to support outcome measurement.
  5. Transition: based on program value, you may decide to shut down, modify, or extend the program.

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