Cutting through the noise in the healthcare technology market is one of the challenges we hear from our clients and prospects every day. It is difficult to determine who to trust. In order to have a thorough understanding of your potential population health partner, you need to use reliable resources and gain as much knowledge about the players in the market as possible.

In my previous post, I described four ways to categorize vendors: Wrappers, Point Solutions, Data Warehouses, and Foundations.  As you figure out which type of solution is right for your organization, build a list of vendors to evaluate, and then evaluate potential vendors to partner with, focus on the following:

  1. Healthcare Industry Analysts – firms like Gartner, Chilmark Research, IDC, Frost & Sullivan and others have built their reputation on unbiased thought leadership on the direction of the healthcare market and the vendors that are making a difference. Read their blogs, dig into their reports, and set up time with their best analysts.
  2. “Consumer Reports” for Healthcare – similar to industry analysts, but with a more direct vendor-comparison focus, organizations like KLAS Research, Black Book Research, Peer60, and HIMSS Analytics release regular reports directly comparing HIT vendors based on direct and indirect customer interviews and surveys. Long a source for building an RFP list for procurement purposes, these companies often have free (or inexpensive) access for providers and plans, supported by fees charged to the rated vendors. While these companies are not explicitly “pay-to-play” organizations, you can get useful insight into their backgrounds from the HIStalk Rating the Rating series to be an educated consumer.
  3. Customer Testimonials – ask your potential customers to speak with their customers directly. And not just the happy ones – all companies have challenges or customer failures (sometimes beyond their control), and understanding how they treat customers that have experienced those challenges is critical.
  4. Product Demos – there’s a lot of vaporware out there, and vendors selling the promise of a product. Insist on seeing the product early on, and guide live demos with actual use cases that matter to you.

Gathering information from these resources will give you the ability to make informed decisions as you work towards choosing the right population health solution.

Trusted opinions on Arcadia Healthcare Solutions?

The resources I mentioned above provide comprehensive reviews of your potential partners’ analytics for population health management and value based care – including Arcadia Analytics. 

Healthcare Industry Analysts

We encourage you to explore analyst coverage of our product. Below is a collection of opinions from select analysts:

  • Gartner recently offered insights in two critical markets – Provider Population Health Management and Value-Based Care Performance Management, and Arcadia was recognized for having 98.5% of all required capabilities in these areas.
  • Chilmark Research, in the Market Trends report covering Analytics for Population Health Management, called Arcadia “a technology-centric company with deep knowledge of ambulatory EHR and claims data, Arcadia tends to go it alone and stick to its core competency – data and analytics”.  They also noted that Arcadia’s “user interface reflects the most modern and up-to-date ideas of user-centered design – a relative rarity among PHM vendors.”
  • Frost & Sullivan recognized Arcadia with their 2016 Product Line Strategy Award for the North American healthcare data analytics market. They included in their report that Arcadia’s solution satisfies all the following criteria: “intuitive, scalable, user friendly, vendor agnostic, and powered by a sophisticated data validation algorithm that normalizes millions of medical data sets quickly and generates personalized clinical, financial, and BI reports” and demonstrates additional capabilities.

“Consumer Reports” for Healthcare

Organizations like KLAS Research use feedback from your peers to directly compare HIT vendors.

  • KLAS Research regularly rates Arcadia for both population health management and value-based care managed services. KLAS relies on extensive customer feedback, insights from key decision makers and influencers to develop detailed reviews.

Customer Testimonials

To help you understand how your potential population health partners meet their customers’ needs and challenges, it is invaluable to review testimonials from your peers. Here are a few examples of customer testimonials about Arcadia Analytics:

  • Healthcare Informatics talked to Patrick Charmel, chairman of the Value Care Alliance and CEO of Griffin Hospital, about Arcadia Analytics. When asked about their decision making process in choosing a vendor, Patrick Charmel replied: “I think we see Arcadia as a real strong partner that understands the transformation that needs to happen and has developed some really unique capabilities, but it’s more the thought leadership that they have [provided] and the partnership they can form with us to help build the capabilities, I think that’s pretty unique.”
  • American Healthcare Leader profiled client Stacy Kessel, CFO of Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW), the only nonprofit health plan in Washington State founded by local community health centers (CHC). Here is what Stacy Kessel shared about Arcadia Analytics: “It has allowed us to extract data from the CHC’s EHR, integrate it with CHPW’s claims data, and provide the care teams with a better ability to identify and target high-risk and high-cost members to manage chronic conditions and ensure that diagnoses can be more accurately assessed, managed, and documented.”

    InformationWeek Healthcare
    interviewed leaders at Silverton Health, one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation, regarding Arcadia Analytics. Sarah Fronza, senior vice president of care transformation and analytics at Silverton Health, shared the following: “Ultimately, Arcadia’s ability to understand our needs from a clinical and financial perspective, and understand them better than any other company we looked at as we started down this path, was what set Arcadia above the rest.”

Product Demos

Hands-on experience is necessary to get a real understanding of a potential population health partner’s product. Experiencing what the product does and seeing what it can do for your specific needs will allow you to make a confident decision.

In order to gain a clear understanding of the challenges we can help you solve, we tailor our demos to actual use cases that matter to you. We’re always happy to set up a live demo or send you a recording so you can review the capabilities of Arcadia Analytics at your convenience. Just tell us how you want to get started!

December 21, 2016

Analyst Coverage of Arcadia Analytics

If you asked ten healthcare executives to define “healthcare analytics” and “population health management”, you’d probably get ten different answers. That’s why you (and we) often rely on analysts to be the proverbial “smartest in the room” to understand the real differentiators when selecting a partner for your value based care programs.

Read what Gartner, Chilmark, and others have to say about us.

Review our Analyst Coverage