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Use Arcadia's value-based care solution to conquer risk
Value-based Care Services

Value-based care solutions to mitigate risk

Success in value-based care can be daunting. It requires a deep understanding of quality metrics, HCC risk scores, cost and utilization of care in your population, patient engagement and outreach strategies, and more. To top it off, staff and resources must align on mutual goals in fee-for-value.

Our value-based care solutions were voted best in KLAS from 2019 to 2023.

2023 Best in KLAS Award winner for value-based care managed services

Don’t go it alone. Tap into decades of experience with Arcadia’s Value-Based Care Software, recognized as Best in KLAS five times in a row for delivering reduced medical expenses, improved risk adjustment accuracy, and higher quality care to CINs, ACOs, and healthcare systems who decide to take on risk.

Put your data to work. Partner with a value-based care provider who gets it.

The challenge

Value-based care isn’t an easy endeavor

From compliance to clinical buy-in, accepting risk takes a village. But those who do it well reap the rewards. Successful organizations under value-based contracts typically see increased revenues and better care outcomes.

The solution

A data-driven approach to taking on risk

Arcadia’s Value-Based Care Solutions team pulls together the data and insights you need to stay compliant with your contracts. We take a fine-tooth comb to your database to understand utilization and identify process improvements for increased revenues, then put the plan into action. Your job? Focus on delivering quality care to your patients.

Arcadia's value-based care solution gets your head out of the database.

Take on risk without fear

Partner with a value-based care software provider who gets it. We make sense of your data and put it to work for your at-risk contracts. We’ll identify top priorities for compliance, high-risk patients, and process improvements so you can get to value quicker.

Amount of shared MSSP savings generated by Arcadia customers
Average shared savings bonus received in 2020
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Arcadia's value-based care software lets you impact population health without the guesswork.

Impact population health without the guesswork

Success in value-based care requires a healthy population. Identifying the highest risk patients and resolving their care needs while keeping healthy patients out of the office is crucial. With Arcadia’s Value-Based Care Solutions, you can leverage 20+ years of experience managing fully capitated and at-risk contracts.

Leverage Arcadia's value-based care software to improve practice-level workflows and restructure your administrative staff for success.

Improve practice-level workflows and restructure your administrative staff for success

With Arcadia's value-based care solutions, you can embed care managers, analysts, and in-practice support staff to augment your teams

Embed care managers, analysts, and in-practice support staff to augment your teams

Choose Arcadia's value-based care solutions to fully outsource operations for your at-risk population to a Best in KLAS service partner

Fully outsource operations for your at-risk population to a Best in KLAS service partner

Arcadia offers an entire expert team dedicated to your value-based contracts.

An entire team dedicated to your value-based contracts

Don’t make the leap to value on your own. Coordinate care between providers, implement value-based payment models throughout your network, and keep costs low for your population. Partner with Arcadia Analytics for value-based care solutions that drive real results.

Managed services and analytics

Adoption & Training

Data Collection

Contract Reconciliation

Reports & Analysis

In-Practice HCC Support

Provider Credentialing

Claims Processing

Technology-enabled outcomes

Quality Improvement

Risk & HCC Adjustment

Cost & Utilization

Patient Engagement & Outreach

Care Management

Contract Dashboards

GPRO & Compliance Submissions


Embracing value-based care: from risky business to data backed decisions

Embracing value-based care solutions doesn’t mean taking on risk needs to be a daunting endeavor — learn how a solid data foundation can help.

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