Why Meet an Arcadian - Long

We’ve started highlighting profiles of awesome Arcadians in our Meet an Arcadian series to help prospective candidates and others learn more about our work and our culture.   We’re growing rapidly, and we are actively recruiting the most awesome people we can find to join our family.

Job descriptions are great at reporting factually on the scope of a role, but may not be as good at conveying culture, interactions between team members, or what success looks like.  We want to recruit people who really want to work with us – so we want to do the best we can at describing what we do, what we believe, and how we live it.

Each of the Arcadians we profile in this ongoing series has a unique individual experience, but they all share something in common – our culture.  We hope their stories help you get to know us a bit better.

  • Anne Ball, RN – interim manager of complex case management: Anne’s team of nurses coaches patients with complex or challenging medical conditions to improve their health and well-being. Meet Anne.
  • Bob Dupuis – vice president of transformation services and managed services: Bob has been with Arcadia for 16 years, and tells us why it feels like he really does have a family here.  Meet Bob.
  • David Restivo – tier 2 support engineer: David explains how knowing the patient is the ultimate customer motivates our Managed Services team to pick up the phone in under 10 seconds whenever a medical practice needs help. Meet David.
  • Drew Novack – implementation manager: Drew coordinates every aspect of delivering Arcadia Analytics to a customer. He tells us how his team built a foundation for payer-provider collaboration.   Meet Drew.
  • Omar Nema – technical data analyst: In addition to his work on the Product Support team, Omar is passionate about data visualization and contributed a piece on Weaving Hospital Variation to our 2016 Data Gallery. Meet Omar.
  • Tessa Geron business analyst: Tessa looks forward “to coming into the office every day knowing that my contributions to my team are valued and impactful.”  Meet Tessa.
  • Tom Dierickx – director of IT programming and analysis: Tom encourages his team to collaborate closely with business users to solve complex problems.  Meet Tom.  
  • Zach Kriegel – quality analyst: Zach shares his experiences as a recent graduate, and talks about being encouraged to take a mistake and learn from it – ultimately building a data quality tool that helps his whole team. Meet Zach.

Want to learn more?  Meet some awesome Arcadians, and then check out our openings.

Alyssa Soby is the strategic marketing manager at Arcadia.