White Paper

More and more physicians around the country are adopting EHR with the promise of improved patient safety, billing efficiency, and the accumulation of a clinical dataset that can support decision making within their organization – not to mention available federal subsidies. In combination with meaningful use incentives, EHR adoption has doubled in the past five years.

Ineffective implementations negatively affect productivity and, by extension, revenue. The additional documentation requirements and complex workflows create distance between physicians and their patients. Providers report that they spend too much time “clicking around” the EHR and not enough time interacting with their patients.

Every EHR stores a huge quantity of data about patient health, provider tendencies, effectiveness of treatments, and system efficiency. But despite the additional time and effort dedicated to electronic documentation, many physicians and practices do not fully leverage this valuable dataset that they’ve created. Without utilizing their data, practices miss the opportunity to improve both efficiency and proficiency of EHR use and, ultimately, drive quality improvement.

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May 3, 2016