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Arcadia Marketplace

N1 Health

The N1 Health AI Platform is a predictive AI platform focused on making healthcare a great consumer product.

Data and Analytic Enrichment

N1 health's platform uses social, clinical, and consumer predictions to meet your members where they are at scale. We combine our customer’s data with detailed consumer data, predictive models, and cloud native technologies to create a holistic picture of every individual to generate meaningful predictions that enable precision in your outreach and interventions.

Our expert Customer Experience team, forward-deployed data scientists, and forward-deployed engineers partner closely with customers to transform these predictions into actions that improve health outcomes and drive financial performance.

Boston, MA. Learn more at

Key features:

  • Predictive AI platform seeded with consumer data asset of over 2,500 data points on each and every member
  • Foundation models to predict both adverse future medical cost / events and key barriers to seeking care
  • Paired services team to drive key member, patient, and consumer campaigns to action AI insights from the N1 Health AI Platform

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