Why Meet an Arcadian?

When we started introducing awesome Arcadians through a series of Meet an Arcadian profiles, we wanted to help prospective candidates go beyond the job description to learn more about working at Arcadia.  Job descriptions are great at reporting factually on the scope of a role, but may not be as good at conveying culture, interactions between team members, or what success looks like.  We want to recruit people who really want to work with us – so we want to do the best we can at describing what we do, what we believe, and how we live it.

We’re still growing rapidly, and we continue to actively recruit the most awesome people we can find to join our family. But over time, we’ve noticed that lots of other people enjoy reading these profiles.  At a time when so many interactions are impersonal, perhaps it is reassuring to put a face – or many faces – to a company.  Each of the Arcadians we profile has a unique individual story, but they all share something in common: our culture, and our dedication to helping our clients transform healthcare.

We hope the stories we’ve shared over the last few months help you get to know us better:

  • Senior data engineer Sreekar Matam talks about his excitement at joining Arcadia as a new employee.
  • Vice president of managed care operations Victoria Gallardo explains why she’s been with Arcadia for 19 years and is looking forward to our future.
  • Director of client training Jen Polello offers insights about how thoughtful training can support a business strategy.
  • Technical manager Steve Gershman tells us about building a team of product support superheros.
  • Director of IT programming and analytics Tom Dierickx believes that his team should be innately curious, analytical, and passionate about the success of the people who use the systems they build.
  • Vice president of managed services and transformation services Bob Dupuis talks about why he feels like he really has a family here after more than 15 years at Arcadia.

You can see the entire series of Meet an Arcadian profiles here.

Alyssa Drew

Alyssa Drew is the Strategic Marketing Director at Arcadia, where she helps healthcare systems understand and unlock the value of their data to enable their success in value-based care.   Her background bridges both strategy and technology.   In over five years at Arcadia, she has managed complex analytics and transformation projects for Arcadia clients across the country and served as Arcadia’s Business Practice Leader.  Before joining Arcadia, she held management roles in enterprise analysis, strategic planning, and financial analysis for a $1B organization.

Alyssa has an undergraduate degree in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University.  She has tremendous enthusiasm for the incredible work her Arcadia colleagues do on a daily basis, and is excited to host the Arcadia Healthcare Datathon annually.