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Improving the health of at-risk, vulnerable, and chronically sick populations remains a daunting challenge for the healthcare community. Management of complex populations requires comprehensive and quality data on patient health and demographics. However, the healthcare ecosystem does not have quality data on the populations its serves.

This paper presents a study by Arcadia Healthcare Solutions which focuses on data fidelity showing that, while there is profound variation between the sources of data gaps, the flaws leading to these gaps can be classified along three axes:

  • Capture, representing the accurate acquisition of the desired data elements into storage
  • Structure, representing the storage of the information in a format appropriate to its use
  • Transport, representing the means by which data are transmitted and reported. Using this model, the gap analysis identified several clusters of data integrity issues based on a set of nationally-accepted standards.

Analysis revealed that a targeted effort to improve transport mechanisms would have the most profound and broad-reaching impact on these providers’ ability to understand and treat their sickest patients.

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May 3, 2016