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Arcadia Analytics

Unlock profound insights in the care continuum

Arcadia Analytics is a leading cloud-based healthcare data platform built for analytics. Deliver better outcomes, reduce medical expenses, improve risk adjustment accuracy, and increase the quality of care through actionable data.

The challenge

The health of your population and business depends on good data

Quality care requires quality data. From executives to data analysts to care teams on the frontlines, leaders in healthcare rely on data to drive better outcomes.

The solution

Turn information from all your data sources into actionable insights

Enable your healthcare organization with AI-powered workflows, risk assessment, end-to-end care management, patient outreach campaigns, a patient registry builder, referral management, and more.

Analytics for forward-thinking healthcare organizations

A single hospital can produce upwards of 50 petabytes of data annually. As much as 95% of that goes unused. Leading healthcare organizations aggregate their data in Arcadia Analytics to keep patients healthy, determine treatments, and manage chronic disease.

Arcadia Analytics has empowered customers to achieve:

In-visit diagnosis capture

More closed risk per patient

Days reduction post acute ALOS
Reduction inpatient admissions
Reduction post discharge
Higher MSSP bonuses

A foundation for success in the business of care

Success starts with an enterprise healthcare data asset your team can trust. Arcadia Analytics curates data from clinical EHRs, claims, social determinants of health (SDoH), pharmacy records, ADTs, and other sources. This solid foundation makes sustainable financial success possible in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and value-based care.

Aggregate high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date data assets
Surface actionable insights to improve care and quality
Enable teams with workflows and insights at the point of care

An intelligence platform built for the future of healthcare

Arcadia Analytics is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, population health data platform powered by AWS. Healthcare organizations use Arcadia to drive success under MSSP, NextGen, Medicaid, fee-for-service, and commercial value-based care contracts.

Arcadia Assess

Simplify provider-payer collaboration for risk and quality gap closure

Arcadia Bindery for Providers

From provider reporting to efficient healthcare data analysis

Arcadia Bindery for Payers

Health plan and payer reporting delivered through secure email and web-based apps

Arcadia Care Manager

Reduce healthcare risk and cost with data-driven care management

Arcadia Desktop

Find health insights at the point of care using your existing EHR workflows

Arcadia Engage

Automate patient engagement with AI-powered care management tools

Arcadia Engage Plus

Analytics meets patient engagement in our partnership with Artera

Arcadia Foundry

Healthcare data model built by analysts, for analysts

Arcadia HCC Risk Suspecting App

HCC risk suspecting software integrated with Epic for risk adjustment

Arcadia Patient Registry

Quickly build cohorts, stratify patients, and close more gaps

Arcadia Referrals

Data-driven physician referral management for healthcare organizations

Arcadia SDoH Package

Improve health outcomes by streamlining the way you identify populations most in need of care

Arcadia Vista

Business intelligence software built for healthcare organizations


Build vs. Buy: The biggest decision in healthcare IT today

Let’s bridge the gap between leadership and see how decision-makers in healthcare, data, and IT are approaching the ‘build vs. buy’ debate.


What I would say to my colleagues is that the product works, and the functionality is quite rich. Arcadia Analytics is a well-designed product and is reasonably mature in its functionality. The product does the things that the vendor says it is going to do. In contrast to some of the menus in other vendors' products, all of Arcadia Analytics' menus are fully functional. Clearly, the product is in production and used by many customers, so Arcadia Analytics is a serious enterprise software product that is well suited to the population health application. Overall, the product is functionally quite complete.

CEO/President, September 2022
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