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HITRUST CSF®™-certified and widely recognized as the market-leader in enterprise population health management platform and applications, we help providers and health plans accelerate positive outcomes by reducing medical expenses, improving risk adjustment accuracy and the quality of care provided.

Our partnership builds a foundation of data and technology that drive tangible outcomes for the patient, providers, and health plans.


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Purpose-built technology software built for healthcare

This is the purpose-built technology foundation, powered by AWS, that supports our customers’ success in all healthcare organizations including MSSP, NextGen, Medicaid, and commercial value-based care contracts. The cloud-based, HITRUST CSF®™-certified, HIPAA-compliant Arcadia Analytics platform provides a centralized solution for:

  1. Continuously aggregating and curating high-quality, comprehensive, and up-to-date population health data assets
  2. Providing actionable analytics to surface actionable opportunities to improve across all the critical healthcare organization and value-based care use cases
  3. Enabling teams with workflows and insights to meaningfully impact these opportunities

Applications available in Arcadia Analytics

Aggregate Healthcare Data

Success starts with the difficult step of creating an enterprise healthcare data asset — one that your team trusts and can use daily to support vital care decisions and address key business challenges. Arcadia curates the highest quality, most complete, and up-to-date data assets based on normalized clinical EHR data, adjudicated claims-based data, social determinants of health (SDoH), pharmacy data, ADTs, and other sources. This solid foundation makes sustainable financial success possible for our customers in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and value-based care payment.

Connect Your Data

Process large, disparate datasets in near real-time.  Best-in-class integration platform and decades of EHR and claims data experience. Vendor-agnostic interfaces, 50+ EHRs and growing with data quality monitoring.

Master Patient Index

Match patients and members across data sources for a longitudinal patient view across multiple disparate data sources.

Clinical/Claims Data Warehouse

Store claims and clinical datasets in a simplified model for easy access and querying. A simplified, analytics-focused data structure and direct, database-level access for ad-hoc analytics and integrations.

Calculation Engine

Quickly build and modify logic, deploy multiple algorithms and process millions of patients in a matter of seconds. Hundreds of measures: ACO, MU, PCMH, CQM, HEDIS®, STARS, MIPS. Risk Models: HCC, CDPS, ACG, and Impact Score.

Analyze Healthcare Data

Built on a data asset, Arcadia Analytics provides coverage across the full spectrum of healthcare and value-based care use cases. It is available to all those who need it — from executives to data analysts to care teams at the point of care.

Quality Improvement

Improve on hundreds of standard quality measures in an integrated data asset with intuitive dashboards.

HCC & Risk Adjustment

Scale your risk adjustment processes by using EHR data to improve accuracy.

Cost and Utilization Analytics

Visually explore cost trends and probe deeper. Our medical economics analytics engine uses claims to build a foundation for cost, utilization, and episodic analyses across populations.

Patient Management

Combine EHR data, claims utilization, and fine-grain neighborhood social determinants to identify the most impactable patients.

Reports & Scorecards

Our publishing platform builds beautiful reports and scorecards on performance, quality, cost & utilization, and more. Distribute with precision across the enterprise.

Self-Service Analytics

A suite of interactive web tools with dozens of filters and interactions so users can assess organizational performance and view patient-level detail.

Integrated Reporting Database

A self-service database with an elegant data model to empower analysts and generate reports that leverage existing BI tools.

Act on Healthcare Insights

Turn expertly-derived insights into significant outcomes by helping providers identify and close gaps. We provide AI-powered workflow tools and insights on the ground to enable teams to systematically tackle the work of healthcare and value-based care. Our capabilities include health risk assessment, point of care workflow integration, end-to-end care management, patient outreach campaigns, a patient registry builder, and referral management.

Patient Outreach

For outreach campaigns, leverage automation with email, text, or voice to close gaps, offer a friendly reminder, or show you care.

Care Management

Arcadia’s end-to-end Care Management workflow engine combines the most complete view of the patient with workflows for outreach, documentation, tasking, and care coordination.

Point of Care Insights

Bring insights into the point of care while a provider is using their EHR to improve adoption, support quality improvement ,and close risk gaps.

Pre-Visit Planning

Schedule reviews of quality and risk gaps and other relevant data ahead of time.

Patient Registry Builder

Identify patient groups using the Impact Score and numerous other dimensions across Arcadia’s suite of analytics and all aggregated data.

Referral Management

Inject insights directly into the referral workflow. Web-based referral entry and queue management “nudges” volume to preferred providers with less travel time and lower costs.

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