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Arcadia and Vim partner to empower providers and payers with actionable AI-driven insights

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BOSTON & NEW YORK — March 18, 2024 — Arcadia (, a leading data platform for healthcare, and Vim, a leading middleware platform for healthcare, today announced a partnership that will accelerate Arcadia’s ability to deliver actionable AI-driven insights to payers, providers, and care teams. The collaboration will also improve the provider experience, eliminate redundant tasks, and support improved patient outcomes.

Collaborating with Vim will make it easier for healthcare organizations to install and reliably operate Arcadia’s native solutions — Desktop and Inform — which surface insights within provider workflows. Additionally, bi-directional connectivity closes loops across systems, reducing administrative burden and eliminating the need to double-document.

Actionable insights at the point of care are turbocharged by leveraging Vim’s middleware to inject AI — like Arcadia's clinical co-pilot, Arcadia SageAI™ — into the EHR. Arcadia SageAI leverages the high-quality aggregated dataset Arcadia is known for to generate patient summaries, develop care plans, and deliver social service recommendations. One healthcare organization using Arcadia SageAI reduced the time needed to prepare for a patient visit by more than 20%.

Additional examples of injecting AI into provider workflows include Arcadia’s AI-powered recommendation engine, which oversees a patient’s care journey and suggests the most effective next best actions to support whole person care — such as addressing risk and quality gaps.

Payers benefit from strengthened abilities to engage and prompt providers with actionable insights at the point of care using data sources beyond just those within the EHR. Vim’s point-of-care connection, paired with Arcadia’s data platform, can also keep payers informed about point-of-care activities in real time and streamline the process of retrieving clinical documentation directly from the EHR.

“Arcadia and Vim are aligned in our missions to improve data liquidity and reduce documentation burden on providers and care team members,” said Michael Meucci, President and CEO of Arcadia. “Combining the power of Arcadia’s data platform, analytics, predictive insights, and suite of AI tools with Vim’s point-of-care connection will improve the provider experience and support better patient outcomes.”

Looking ahead, Arcadia’s partnership with Vim will make it easier to introduce a range of new capabilities that accelerate the efficacy of the core systems that providers use daily. For example, apps that run on top of Arcadia’s data platform can be more easily deployed to provider workflows to improve referral processes, enhance annual wellness visit workflows, and streamline prior authorization activities.

“We’re excited to blend Arcadia’s strengths in data and analytics with Vim’s power to improve point-of-care technology experiences,” said Oron Afek, CEO of Vim. “Our partnership aims to equip providers and payers with the tools they need to effectively collaborate and deliver superior patient care.”

The collaboration will also make it easier for payers, providers, and care teams to benefit from Arcadia’s investments in AI, which derive further value when paired with and trained by the company’s trustworthy data asset and proprietary AI engines.

Those attending RISE National 2024 March 17-19 can visit Arcadia at booth #800. Learn more about Arcadia at RISE National 2024 and schedule a meeting.