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Generative AI at point of care

Healthcare Analytics Artificial Intelligence Care Management

Deliver actionable insights at point of care with generative AI — available within the Arcadia Data Platform.

Patient data is full of untapped potential

Hospitals produce a lot of data — an average of 50 petabytes per year with 97% of that going unused. Putting that data to work to serve up contextually relevant insights to care teams is difficult.

Unlock a comprehensive view of patients with generative AI

Generative AI built on a quality data asset analyzes patient data and serves up key insights at point of care. It’s like having a skilled and specialized medical professional at your side.

A screenshot of Arcadia
Arcadia Desktop with generative AI assistant

How generative AI works to enable patient care

The generative AI assistant in Arcadia care management and EHR integration products, pulls from multiple data sources — claims, clinical, zip code, determinants of health, and more. Its goal: Enable care teams to access a 360-degree view of patients and make decisions around types of interventions, behaviors to highlight, and social service recommendations.

Powered by OpenAI, it taps into one of the most powerful large language models (LLM) available, quickly summarizing medically relevant patient information for the user.

Arcadia Chart with generative AI assistant

From raw data to critical insights

This generative AI assistant delivers contextualized information for specific use cases, including:

  • Patient Medications
  • Care Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Compliance
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Financial Risk
  • Care Coordination

Why data platforms matter in AI-driven healthcare

AI is set to transform the way we deliver care, with 43% of healthcare leaders planning to implement AI in the coming months. But AI doesn’t exist in a vacuum — modern healthcare leaders know that a data platform is the foundation of success in AI. A data platform enables healthcare organizations to aggregate disparate sources of information into a quality data asset and deliver actionable best next steps to care teams.

In the years to come, AI is going to make it easy to build tools on top of your data platform at record speed. But these tools only succeed on the foundation of a trustworthy data asset. Without the right data, you cannot train AI or utilize it within existing models.

Arcadia is working with leading healthcare organizations today to prepare for this transformation. The Arcadia Data Platform is the foundation for leveraging our proprietary Impact Suite algorithms and applications, third-party LLMs like those powered by OpenAI, and all the tools that your team wants to build on top of the platform.

With Arcadia, you can stratify patient populations in need of intervention, mobilize your care teams to act on these cohorts, and deliver AI-driven actionable plans to improve outcomes in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Ready to put your data to work? Let’s schedule a time to discuss how we can work together toward happier, healthier lives for all.