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Build vs. buy in healthcare data analytics

In healthcare data analytics, nothing’s ever free — healthcare organizations pay for valuable data-driven insights by way of money or time and labor, and there’s no shortcut. That’s where the build vs. buy framework can help leaders make the right choice.

When it’s time to invest, it’s critical to know what you can expect, from anticipated costs to surprises that may arise. In this white paper, we’ll travel from preliminary considerations to final details, considering the perspectives of the board room’s key players (from CIO to CMO).

Knowledge (backed by data) is power

The question might be build vs. buy, but the stakes are clear: to succeed in healthcare, especially VBC, administrators and providers need sharp insights into population and patient health. It isn’t: “Do we need data analytics?” It’s: “How can we take the data our system has already collected and spin it into usable, actionable gold?”

The industry’s changing rapidly, and meaningful data is the fuel that will power an organization towards progress. Read on for a decision-making road map around build vs. buy in healthcare, and learn more about the array of options (and concerns) on the path ahead.

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