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How a pediatric CIN used Arcadia Engage to improve vaccination rates

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A Pediatric Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) uses Arcadia Analytics to manage 6 commercial and Medicaid contracts covering 140k+ children across 75+ pediatric practices.

When COVID-19 fears caused parents and caregivers to defer important well-child visits and critical vaccinations, a large pediatric CIN launched a patient engagement campaign to support their primary care practices.

This Pediatric CIN used customized, targeted outreach to help physicians communicate with parents and caregivers about the safety of well-child visits and the importance of childhood vaccinations. Their multi-channel strategy saw rapid results:

After getting a text, patients started coming in for encounters:

  • 11% with the first week 
  • 16% within the first month 
  • 47% within three months

We invite you to download a case study to learn more about this outreach initiative – and how Arcadia Analytics can provide broad support for Pediatric CINs.

How a pediatric CIN used Arcadia Engage to improve vaccination rates