Staff shortages, physician burnout, financial strain — this year has been full of uncertainty, but organizations who tackle these key challenges in healthcare will succeed. Forward-thinking ACOs, CINs, and health systems are already preparing for more change in the way they deliver care to address this new reality.  

Let’s get together to share common challenges and discuss what data-driven leaders in healthcare are doing to prepare their organizations for the future.  

Attend to learn:

  • Key-challenges healthcare organizations are facing today — including physician burnout, leakage, workforce strain, and financial instability
  • How leaders from top ACOs, CINs, and health systems are deploying data-driven strategies to tackle these challenges and prepare for the future
  • Why new approaches in data management, analytics, and automation will transform your organization to succeed in uncertain times.  

Available now:

Join Arcadians Jessi Cardello and Jake Tinkham as they explore key challenges healthcare organizations are facing today. Find out how healthcare leaders are employing data-driven strategies to prepare their organizations for the future.

Meet the speakers:

Jessi Cardello

Jessi Cardello
Senior Account Executive

Jake Tinkham
Senior Director Account Operations