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The future of value-based care will be shaped by lessons from COVID-19

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Castell is the new healthcare platform company from Intermountain Healthcare, with an innovative, technology-powered approach to population health management for 790,000 patients. When COVID-19 hit, the team at Castell responded by accelerating key initiatives like their Care Traffic Control program and omni-channel care delivery.

As they look toward pandemic recovery and beyond, Castell’s Chief Analytics Officer Andrew Sorenson, MS and Medical Director Will Daines, MD will explain how lessons learned from COVID-19 will shape the way they deliver patient care and physician support going forward. Castell leaders will also explain how they used Arcadia’s COVID-19 Surveillance and Engagement Toolkit during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they plan to use Arcadia Analytics to support reopening and recovery.

As we enter the fourth month of the pandemic, its secondary effects are creating unprecedented impacts — particularly for health systems and providers.

As a follow-on to our widely adopted COVID-19 Surveillance and Engagement Toolkit, Arcadia’s COVID-19 Recovery Toolkit provides resources to help healthcare organizations navigate the long road back to normalcy. Arcadia will cover extending the care team, getting back and managing appointment volume, and recovery and management analytics. We’ll also share our analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on risk-adjusted premiums along with actions ACOs can take to protect their revenue.


  • Andrew Sorenson, Chief Analytics Officer, Castell (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • William Daines, MD, Medical Director, Castell (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • Michael Gleeson, Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Arcadia
  • Michael Meucci, Chief Growth Officer, Arcadia

Arcadia’s COVID-19 Recovery Kit supports value-based care with 7 critical capabilities

1. Identifying Deferred Elective Care:

As states begin to open, and more activities are deemed safe, we’ll help you find both those patients that have deferred known elective care, and those patients that are likely to need elective care over the next 3-9 months.

2. Appointment Volume Recovery & Management

Prioritize missed or cancelled appointments based on clinical complexity, revenue considerations, or risk and quality gaps.

3. Maximize Value from Telehealth Tools

Stratify appointment needs by patients that would benefit from in-person care vs those that can be covered through a remote telehealth encounter. Engage patients with notifications that educate them about available telehealth options.

4. Supporting Vulnerable Patient Populations

Patients with pre-existing medical or mental health conditions will face colliding exacerbations due to a loss of support networks, reduced supply chain and access to necessity, and reduced access to the health care delivery system.

5. Quality and Risk in Remote Care Delivery

Use data to maximize each resource available to work with patients by supporting prioritization and enabling patient-reported outcomes. Help each care team member to engage with more patients and have a greater impact on overall contract success.

6. Care Team Extenders

Improve the efficiency with which care teams can engage patients and manage resource-intensive patients. Replace long data collection phone calls with patient screeners that patients complete over text.

7. COVID-19 and Risk Adjustment

Arcadia analyzed the likely impact of COVID-19 on risk adjustment for 2020 and 2021; deferred necessary and elective care means providers have had less opportunity to assess and document HCC conditions. We’ll share strategies to address this before year-end.