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Leading healthcare organizations successfully launch COVID-19 vaccine outreach campaigns with Arcadia Analytics

Patient Engagement

Burlington, MASS. (Jan. 28, 2021) – Arcadia (, a leading population health management and healthcare intelligence platform company, announced today that its healthcare customers have successfully begun nationwide multilingual COVID-19 vaccination outreach campaigns using tools launched earlier this month. Health plan, ACO, and IDN customers across the country are now engaging patients on COVID-19 safety, testing, resources, and vaccination.

These COVID-19 vaccine outreach initiatives build on a broader patient engagement campaign that saw providers and plans send millions of text messages in 2020 to drive patient engagement in a particularly challenging year, encouraging patients to receive critical preventative care like flu shots and childhood vaccinations, sharing information on telehealth availability, and supporting uninsured patients in registering for insurance. Arcadia customers have seen delivery rates exceeding 80% for text-based campaigns, with 16-25% of patients clicking through to screeners on messages that include surveys.

Critically, Arcadia’s customers are able to leverage massive data sets and advanced algorithms to identify patients in need of additional services. Arcadia’s predictive algorithms help surface the patients who would benefit most from a given intervention – with deliberate effort made to guard against bias and work to identify patients across a diverse population who can benefit from care. Arcadia’s algorithms help the company’s healthcare customers target resources at the patients where they can have the greatest effect. For example, healthcare organizations might invest in sending higher-touch notifications in an outreach campaign to higher-risk patients.

“So many people are suffering right now from a constellation of medical, social, and economic disasters,” explained Arcadia Chief Medical Officer Rich Parker, MD. “Getting communities vaccinated will be a huge step toward economic and social recovery, and we’re working hard to support COVID-19 vaccine outreach. But because vaccination alone isn’t enough, we’re also helping our healthcare customers continue to educate their patients about staying safe, uncover needs in their communities, identify and intervene with high-risk patients, and monitor vaccination rates across demographics to ensure equitable access and series completion.”

Some of the largest, most innovative, and most successful healthcare companies in the country use health data platform Arcadia Analytics as a foundation for population health management, including COVID-19 patient engagement. Arcadia enables COVID-19 vaccine outreach activities by supporting vaccination education and engagement, patient stratification and targeted outreach to high-risk patients and underserved groups, tracking and communications to ensure series completion, and reporting and analytics to track vaccinations and ensure equity in vaccine administration.

“Healthcare organizations are struggling on many fronts when it comes to vaccination outreach,” explained Arcadia VP, Enterprise Partnerships, Anna Basevich. “They need to overcome vaccine hesitancy, especially in historically underserved communities. Multilingual text-based communications from trusted primary care providers have been critically important as part of broader patient education efforts, and the ability to monitor for racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic inequities in vaccine distribution will be vital to ensuring we don’t overlook underserved populations.”

“Healthcare organizations also need to manage patient expectations,” continued Basevich. “Not all patients who want the vaccine will be able to get it initially, and vaccine-related supply chain disruptions can disrupt operations and create confusion. Being able to rapidly reach out to patients about changes in vaccine appointments or other urgent communications is vital.”

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