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Data management tools for empowering better health outcomes

Data Management and Quality The Source

Effective data management is essential to ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility of healthcare data. It involves techniques such as data cleansing, integration, and storage to organize and maintain the data in a structured manner.

Even with a sea of never-ending data touchpoints in healthcare, it’s possible to master data management to close care gaps, reduce medical costs, and improve outcomes. Register to see how.

What you’ll learn:

  1. How to leverage data to enable better health outcomes for both healthcare organizations and their populations
  2. How to align disparate sources and assorted EHRs across a network
  3. How to alleviate IT and data analyst bandwidth so they can focus on projects that deliver high-value results for the business 
  4. How a data platform enables healthcare organizations to prevent leakage, maintain an integrated network, activate physicians, and supercharge existing resources

Featured speakers:

A headshot of Jessi Cardello
Director of Account Operations, Arcadia
Director of Product, Arcadia
Solution Engineer, Arcadia