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3 ways to leverage impact scores and succeed at care management

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Leverage Arcadia’s proprietary algorithm to infuse clinical workflows with AI-enhanced insights. Our Complex Care Management (CCM) Score enables care teams to make an impact by minimizing time spent on admin, quickly surfacing patients that should be prioritized for outreach. The results? Less clicking. Happier care teams. And enhanced outcomes that support organizational goals.

What is Arcadia's CCM impact score and why is it important?

Complex care management is a program healthcare organizations establish to treat patients holistically, managing chronic conditions and engaging a team of providers (which can range from clinicians to social workers). Often, patients enrolled in a CCM wrestle with one or more ongoing issues, from diabetes or hypertension to an SDoH concern, and the goal overall is to reduce hospital admissions and emergency visits and improve the patient's quality of life.

There are many ways to find out which patients are eligible for a CCM, from manually sifting through ICD codes to running a software report, but they're usually time-intensive or imperfect. Discovering who's eligible doesn't tell healthcare organizations who would benefit most, which is where Arcadia's impact score comes in — it gathers eligible enrollees, and then it stratifies them into those with the most potential for improvement. This score takes factors like ED visits, high healthcare costs, and unplanned admissions into account on top of more obvious markers like diagnoses and demographics.

Arcadia CCM (Impact) Score is found in the following Arcadia Analytics platform applications:

A diagram showing how Arcadia

The impact of impact scores

Relying on the impact score over more manual, time-intensive methods means more potential for success — the patients that are targeted are the ones who stand the most to gain. Additionally, it gives care teams time to focus on important goals and projects, and with a sophisticated data platform, teams can track the efficacy of their interventions with precision.

A diagram showing the workflow of the impact score.

3 ways impact scores supercharge care management

1. Reduce emergency department (ED) visits and lower unplanned admissions

Unnecessary ED visits are both common and costly. Leverage Arcadia’s CCM Impact Score suite to enroll great candidates in care management programs, avoiding preventable illness.

2. Sharpen insights beyond a cohort builder

With insights into SDoH, utilization, and other factors, the CCM Impact Score shows the relative value of the change in outcomes for patients enrolled.

3. Establish an efficient, impactful care team

Equip care teams with sophisticated, user-friendly technology. After choosing a focus group (which may include combinations of high risk, rising risk, chronic conditions, or high utilizers), stratified patients are presented to care teams. No more manual searching to identify and prioritize the day's outreach.

Level up your impact and streamline stratification

In a field as fast-paced as healthcare, lost time is a costly hindrance. Equip your teams with Arcadia's impact score to cut straight to the most relevant patient populations, then empower them with the care and tools to lead happier, healthier lives — start the discussion today.