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How do we solve health (in)equity?

By Linnie Greene, Staff Writer at Arcadia
Health Equity and SDoH Data Management and Quality

Health equity is healthcare’s great white whale — like the massive creature that drives the plot of Moby Dick, it’s large, unwieldy, and frustratingly elusive. But like Captain Ahab, we’re not giving up the fight — and unlike Captain Ahab, we’ve got data, technology, and metrics on our side.

In this issue of Data Bytes, we delve into innovative strategies and data-driven solutions aimed at achieving equitable health outcomes. We’ll discuss the importance of comprehensive data analysis, how thoughtful and well-designed technology can advance better outcomes, and how these tools can be leveraged to identify and address disparities in healthcare access and quality.

Join us in this insightful journey towards a more equitable healthcare system, where digital tools and diligent problem-solvers serve as catalysts for change.

Big ideas for making healthcare more equitable

The kids are not alright...but they could be

Recently, the Biden-Harris administration issued a press release discussing how state policy impacts young recipients of Medicaid and CHIP. For an in-depth discussion of how pediatrics poses a special challenge in health equity, watch our interview with Dr. Sandy Chung, Medical Director of Informatics at Children’s National’s Pediatric Health Network, CEO at Health Connect IPA, and 2023 AAP president.

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Soaring costs, high healthcare stakes

As costs rise for both healthcare organizations and patients, the impact can be staggering —  healthcare expenses now rank among the leading causes of personal bankruptcy, and 2023 federal subsidies are estimated to be 7% of the country’s entire GDP. Learn what industry leaders can do to lessen the burden and increase access.

Discover insights

Payers = power players

You might ask yourself: where do payers fit into this complex health equity equation? Here, we look at seven ways insurance organizations can contribute to improved health equity, from cultural competence to exploring the value-based care model.

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A hot-button issue during wildfire season

When wildfires broke out along the Oregon coast in 2022, Umpqua Health immediately took action to help its impacted population. Using the health risk assessment tools in Arcadia’s platform, they identified high-risk patients and set about dispersing air purifiers where they mattered most.

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