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We didn’t start the FHIR: interoperability for whole-person care

Data Interoperability and Integration Population Health Management Vitals
We didn’t start the FHIR: interoperability for whole-person care

Data on a single patient can flow from point A to point B. But what does it mean to achieve interoperability at a population level?

As an industry, we have made meaningful progress in interoperability since the passing of the HITECH act in 2009. Use cases like sending an ADT notification or exchanging a CCDA document have largely been solved for and there are exciting new standards like FHIR which have tremendous promise.

There is still a lot of complexity, however, in solving interoperability across a large provider base with multiple EHRs and disparate workflows. Standards can only get you so far and the crucial last mile of interoperability — making data seamlessly available in provider workflows — is not just a technical problem.

Your organization needs the ability to enable providers to act on whole-person insights at the point of care and drive outcomes at scale. That requires a massive rethinking of the problem.

Why attend?

Join this timely discussion to:

  • Recognize the challenges providers face operating across silos — and why you shouldn’t think of interoperability as only a technical problem
  • Explain some of the current barriers to interoperability for complex use cases, with gaps in shared understanding of data concepts, governance, and access provisioning.
  • Assess the “last mile” needs of your providers and implement pragmatic strategies for pushing actionable insights to the point of care
  • Demonstrate the value of an interoperability approach that lets you deliver data and insights, drive behavior, measure and manage progress, and ultimately create a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement
Elise Kohl-Grant
Chief Information Officer, Innovative Management Solutions NY
Jonathan Cook
Chief Technology Officer, Arcadia
Brendan Smith-Elion
Vice President of Product Management, Arcadia