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KLAS: Arcadia’s value-based care technology bolsters analytics services to help clients achieve outcomes

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2017 KLAS Value Based Care Managed Services Report shows impact of Arcadia’s technology for customers leveraging Arcadia’s value based services

Burlington, Massachusetts (February 28, 2018): The 2017 Value-Based Care Managed Services Report from KLAS reflects customer satisfaction with Of the Arcadia customers KLAS interviewed, fully 100% considered Arcadia to be a true partner.[2] “Arcadia customers are the most satisfied with the outcomes they have achieved. Arcadia’s resources are quick to adapt their approach based on what their clients ask for. This collaboration and flexibility have helped clients fill gaps in care and improve patient satisfaction, and clients feel that Arcadia understands what their end goals are. Additionally, Arcadia provides strong functionality and expert data-aggregation guidance with the Arcadia Analytics solution. Data produced by their population health platform is used to give clients insights into how they can improve outcomes.”[3]


Figure 2: Customers That Consider Firm to Be a Partner – full service firms. Data from figure on Page 5.

KLAS found that Arcadia’s customers attribute the success they have had in achieving financial and clinical outcomes in value based care to Arcadia’s population health technology, headlining their analysis “Arcadia’s VBC Technology Bolsters Analytics Services to Help Clients Achieved Outcomes”.[4]

“Over the last year,” reports KLAS, “Arcadia has become a leader in helping customers achieve clinical and financial outcomes. Arcadia clients attribute this change to the firm’s new platform, Arcadia Analytics, which gives them a detailed look into how they can improve and change outcomes.”[5]

“We’ve found consistently that maximizing value-centric healthcare cannot happen without three core ingredients: (1) the highest-quality, harmonized data set; (2) actionable, technology-driven insights, and (3) an organized team of professionals to act on those insights,” said Arcadia chief executive officer Sean Carroll. “The direct customer feedback in the KLAS reports validates our strategy of investing in data quality and connectivity, new customer-driven platform functionality, and the rollout of Arcadia Analytics to customers also leveraging our value based services in late 2016,” Carroll continued. “The impact our technology has had on improving outcomes for those customers, in such a short timeframe, is truly remarkable.”


Figure 2: Financial & Clinical Outcomes, 2016 vs. 2017 – full service firms. Data from figure on Page 5.

Supporting the health of more than 35 million patients nationally, Arcadia’s technology platform and applications enable its customers to aggregate and harmonize clinical data from more than 40 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors and multiple health insurance claims systems.

About Arcadia

Arcadia is dedicated to happier, healthier days for all. We transform data into powerful insights that deliver results. Through our partnerships with the nation’s leading health systems, payers, and life science companies, we are growing a community of innovation to improve care, maximize value, and confront emerging challenges. For more information, visit

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