Moving to VBC: From risky business to data-backed decisions

Moving to value-based care requires a look before you leap mentality. That doesn’t mean taking on risk needs to be a daunting endeavor.  

In fact, providers who adopt a risk-based model typically see increased earning potential. That’s because revenues are tied directly to outcomes under value-based care. When physician pay and revenue are tied to outcomes, it incentivizes efficiency, care, and integrity. Risk can be the driver to improve all three. 

Attend to learn: 

  • Why taking on more risk isn’t as daunting as most healthcare providers think. 
  • Ways healthcare organizations can work with a partner to help them makes sense of their data and receive guidance on how to take on more risk.  
  • How provider organizations who take on more risk can improve their finances while also improving care delivery for their patients.

Available now

Let’s talk about how you can slide smoothly into risk. Join Carrie Nave, Director of Operations at Ascension, Brian Croegaert, RN BSN, SVP of Value-Based Care Services at Arcadia, and Nicole Geier, Director of Client Business Management at Arcadia as they discuss how a solid data foundation, reporting, and analysis can enable healthcare organizations to accelerate their journey to risk.

This session is relevant for ACOs under value-based contracts, CINs who want take on risk to improve financial and patient outcomes, and anyone interested in how leading healthcare organizations are using value-based care to come out on top. 

Meet the speakers

Carrie Nave, Director of Operations at Ascension

Carrie Nave
Director of Operations

Brian Croegaert, RN BSN
SVP, Value Based Care Services

Nicole Geier, Director of Client Business Management at Arcadia

Nicole Geier
Director of Client Business Management