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Network enablement: How WKCC strategically empowers their healthcare organization with data-driven tools and capabilities

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The confluence of operational, clinical, and technical expertise has become paramount in modern healthcare organizations. As ACOs, CINs, and health systems shift towards value-based care, population health, and other alternative models of care, the need for actionable data is crucial.

93% of healthcare organizations agree that quality data is critical to performance

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the relationship between operational, clinical, and technical teams and its significance in today’s healthcare landscape
  2. Discover the capabilities of self-service tools like Arcadia’s Vista, Bindery, and Console in enhancing practice, operational, and payer-provider enablement
  3. Explore real-world examples of how such tools are facilitating monthly provider meetings, ensuring visibility with the board of directors, and optimizing payer-provider collaborations
  4. Recognize the importance of continuous engagement with providers and the role of population health coordinators in integrating diverse ACO clinics
  5. Identify strategies for proactive data collection, accurate metric visualization, and enhancing the flow of informatics for improved outcomes
53% of business and IT professionals said empowering more users with self-service functionality is an essential step to improve their organization

Why attend?

This session delves into the interplay between operations, technology, and care teams, emphasizing how data serves as the backbone for achieving organizational success and holistic network enablement. Discover how self-service tools built on the foundation of a solid data platform are transforming the way insights are served to providers, leaders, and other stakeholders, and the mechanisms that are ensuring that care teams act promptly on these insights to close critical gaps.

Featured speakers:

Director of Population Health and Performance, WKCC
Director of Analytics and IS, WKCC
Senior Account Executive, Arcadia