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How Arcadia Engage turned patient outreach into patient outcomes

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Engage patients, earn loyalty, and close risk gaps

The results are in — Arcadia Engage, a dynamic tool offering customizable messaging for patient communication, helps Arcadia’s partners turn outreach into outcomes. Messages alone don’t mean anything if they’re not the start of a conversation, and Arcadia’s one-of-a-kind offering lets you zero in on interventions with impact, so patients get healthier and you meet your bottom line. With a continuously curated patient database, you can take action and start conversations where they’re needed most.

Case study: Colorectal cancer screenings and closing risk gaps

An Arcadia partner in Texas ran a continual colorectal cancer screening campaign using Arcadia Engage. To reach potentially impacted populations, they paired text messaging with FOBT screening kits. Between November 2020 and January 2021, 3,570 patients received this outreach. The results:

  • 21.2% more of the targeted patients received the FOBT screening outreach
  • 12.3% higher rate of screenings among members who received this message

Leverage Arcadia Engage to level up your patient engagement

Closing risk gaps starts with meeting patients where they are, reaching out with messaging that inspires action and trust. Great communication is more than just a reminder — it’s the start of an ongoing relationship between a patient and their providers.

Engage is a proven way to build those relationships bit by bit, from a simple suggestion —  “Isn’t it time for a screening?” — to an ongoing care partnership. With thoughtful language and data-driven insights into population demographics, you can automate and bulk-schedule outreach and strengthen the patient relationship simultaneously.

Arcadia Engage Screens

Customize outreach to suit unique populations and cases

  • Outreach campaigns are configured around dynamic patient cohorts or measure compliance rules. That means the style and substance of the messaging is thoughtfully written for each demographic, whether it’s a niche disease profile or anyone in your database in need of a flu shot
  • AI-enabled audience segmentation helps scale care management, population health, and care gap closure programs

Effectively target populations for maximal impact

  • Target patients based on your use case, from the vaccine reticent to those who stand to benefit most from a particular screening
  • Tap Arcadia’s contextualized, streamlined database for in-depth insights, from one patient to a large group

Turn your patient outreach into patient engagement

Request a demo to see Arcadia Engage in action.