At the NAACOS Spring 2021 conference, leaders from Summit Health and Arcadia discussed using data to drive operational, financial, and clinical strategies. Their talk focused on leveraging analytics to drive provider incentives, track ROI, and inform strategic program investment. Summit Health shared how they used intelligent analytics, grounded in combined claims and EHR datasets, to:

  • Calculate risk scores, quality performance, and medical cost KPIs to track network performance
  • Inform the 800+physicians, with over 10K published physician scorecards per year, to drive performance improvement within an incentive program
  • Optimize operational workflow and visualize trends to inform coding education and a 3-6% greater risk gap closure
  • Model ROI for enterprise-level programs, capturing 10-15% decreases in readmissions rates and broader impacts to member retention and revenue, and use insights to guide investments

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