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SDoH Strategies: How to prioritize data that impacts your population

Health Equity and SDoH

Who’s responsible for addressing SDoH? The long and short of it: everybody. From payers to providers to patients, we’re going to explore why SDoH is so important to our healthcare system and how everybody has a role to play in improving population health outcomes.

Join live to learn:

  • Basic strategies for formulating a plan to add SDoH factors into your pop health programs
  • From care access and transportation to funding and options — who’s responsible for addressing SDoH?
  • The standard metrics for measuring SDoH factors in healthcare, and how to identify and prioritize the most important data for your populations

Why attend?

Where SDoH data reveals a problem, analytics can uncover actionable solutions. Leaders in healthcare are starting to use data to creatively solve some of the greatest challenges in population health. From bridging care access and transportation to funding and options, how can we approach SDoH in new and meaningful ways?  

Join Arcadians Arjun Gosain, Senior Data Analyst, and Linnie Greene, Staff Writer as they put their heads together on this complex topic. They’ll discuss what we know about SDoH, how we're currently using data to improve patient outcomes, and uncover what we need to do to chart a path forward.

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Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 2:00 PM ET

Arjun Gosain Headshot
Senior Data Analyst, Arcadia
Linnie Greene Headshot
Staff Writer, Arcadia